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PPP does not believe in the politics of revenge- Asif Ali Zardari

Islamabad, 21 February 2018: Former President of Pakistan and President Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians Asif Ali Zardari has said that in the next general elections Party tickets will be awarded to the candidates who have the confidence of the Party workers.

Former President said this while addressing a gathering of Party workers of PPP Islamabad and its affiliated organizations at Zardari House Islamabad on Wednesday. He said that Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto were proud of their Jiyalas and he also cherishes Jiyalas of the party. Jiyalas offered sacrifices for the Party and its leadership. Asif Ali Zardari instructed Party workers to start working for the next elections as Party is destined to form governments in the Center and provinces. Workers will be valued in the next PPP governments.

Asif Ali Zardari said that politics is the name of serving people and resolving their problems and hardships. Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had said that the political heaven is under the feet of the people. PPP leadership has never believed in political revenge. He asked workers to spread the message of Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to every corner of Pakistan.


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CLARIFICATION: Ms Kirshna Kolhi is the first-ever Dalit woman nominated for the Senate. PPP had previously elected first Hindu woman Ms Ratna Bhagwandas Chawla as Senator #Pakistan

KARACHI, February 21: Media Cell Bilawal House has clarified multiple news items published in a section of both national and international media mentioning Ms. Kirshna Kolhi as the first woman from Hindu community to have been nominated by PPP as Senator.

It is imperative to clarify that PPP had nominated and elected Ms Ratna Bhaagwandas Chawla as the first Hindu woman as Senator in 2006.

Ms Kirshna Kolhi is the first-ever Dalit woman nominated by the Pakistan Peoples Party for the Senate seat. Kolhi caste is mentioned at No. 23 in the Pakistani Schedule Castes Ordinance-1957. Dalit, which means oppressed or broken people, has become an alternate collective identification for the 40 non-Muslim castes declared in above ordinance 60 years ago.

The honor to nominate first-ever non-Muslim Senator is also enjoyed by the PPP, which elected a Dalit Dr Khatumal Jeewan as Senator in 2009 on a general seat. Likewise, Engineer Gianchand is the second Dalit to be elected as Senator in 2015 by the PPP also on a general seat.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari-led PPP also nominated and got elected Hariram Kishorilal as Senator on seat reserved for non-Muslims from Sindh in 2012.

With the election of Ms Kirshna Kolhi and Anwar Laldean, a Christian senior worker of the Party, the number of non-Muslims elected so far as Senators by the PPP would grow to six, an unmatched representation in the Upper House for minorities by any other political parties in the 70 years history of Pakistan.

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Former President Zardari takes notice of murder of Ahmed Shah

Islamabad, 20 February 2018: Former President of Pakistan and President Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians Asif Ali Zardari has taken notice of murder of a youth Ahmed Shah from Bajor in Karachi and has instructed the Chief Minister Sindh to submit a report after completion of inquiry into the murder.

PPP Leader Akhundzada Chattan called on the former President and apprised him of the tragic incident. Asif Ali Zardari instructed Sindh Government to apprehend the killers of Ahmed Shah. These kinds of incidents will not be tolerated, former President concluded.

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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari visited residence of senior PPP leader and former Minister late Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani and condoled his death with son MNA Mir Shabbir Ali Bijarani

KARACHI, February 20: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari visited the residence of senior PPP leader and former Minister late Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani and condoled his death with son MNA Mir Shabbir Ali Bijarani in Karachi on Tuesday.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that late Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani was an asset for the Party and his services and sacrifices for the Party will always be remembered by leadership and workers.

Meanwhile, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also visited the residence of former MPA late Fariha Razzaq Haroon and condoled her death with son Fahad Haroon in Karachi.

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پاکستان پیپلزپارٹی واحد سیاسی پارٹی ہے جس نے ہمیشہ کارکنوں کی قدر کی ہے۔ آصف علی زرداری ۔

سابق صدر پاکستان اور پاکستان پیپلزپارٹی پارلیمنٹیرینز آصف علی زرداری نے کہا ے کہ پاکستان پیپلزپارٹی واحد سیاسی پارٹی ہے جس نے ہمیشہ کارکنوں کی قدر کی ہے۔ اگر کارکن شہید ہو سکتے ہیں تو پھر وہ وزیراعظم، وزیراعلیٰ،چیئرمین سینیٹ، وزیر اور سینیٹر کیوں نہیں بن سکتے؟ مجھے اور بلاول بھٹو زرداری کو محترمہ بینظیر بھٹو شہید کے جانثار اپنی جان سے زیادہ عزیز ہیں۔ زرداری ہاﺅس اسلام آباد میں پیپلز پارٹی سٹی اسلام آباد کے عہدیداروںسے خطاب کرتے ہوئے سابق صدر نے پارٹی عہدیداروں اور کارکنوں کو ہدایت کی کہ پوری محنت اور لگن سے آئندہ انتخابات جیتنے کی تیاری کریں۔ پارٹی قیادت کو اپنے کارکنوں پر یقین ہے کہ وہ سیاسی میدان میں اپنے مخالفین کو شکست دینے کا حوصلہ رکھتے ہیں۔ آصف علی زرداری نے کہا کہ باقی سیاسی پارٹیاں اندرونی انتشار کا شکار ہیں کیونکہ وہ اپنے کارکنوں کی قدر نہیں کرتیں۔کارکنوں کو بڑے عہدے نہیں دیتیں۔ وہ مصنوعی سیاسی پارٹیاں ہیں جبکہ پاکستان پیپلزپارٹی واحد ایک سیاسی پارٹی ہے جس کی قیادت اور کارکنوں نے اپنی جانوں کا نذرانہ دے کر جمہوریت اور آئین کا دفاع کیا ہے۔ آصف علی زرداری نے کہا کہ ملک میں آج جو جمہوریت ہے انسانی حقوق بحال ہیں یہ محترمہ بینظیر بھٹو شہید اور جانثاران بینظیر بھٹو کی قربانیوں کے ثمرات ہیں۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ کارکن چیئرمین بلاول بھٹو زرداری کے ہاتھ مضبوط کریں اور ان کی طاقت بنیں۔ مستقبل نوجوانوں کا ہے اور پیپلزپارٹی نے نوجوانوں کو نوجوان قائد دیا ہے۔

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PPP Moves Calling Attention Notice against PIA Privatization

Islamabad February 19, 2018: The PPP today submitted a calling attention notice in the Senate against the privatization of PIA and Pakistan Steel Mills. Drawing attention to decision of the Cabinet Committee on Privatization on Friday the notice moved by senator Farhatullah Babar says:.


“During the past 5 years, both PSM and PIA have accumulated huge losses to the tune of hundreds of billions. The gross and almost criminal neglect in the running of these entities gave rise to speculations whether the losses were incurred by design to create justification for their sale at throw away prices.


He said The PSM reached the brink of precipice after it was denied gas supply since 2015 and that too at a time the production was 65 per cent.


“The PIA reached the brink by a combination of factors including the absence of business plan, floating Premier Service at a loss of nearly 3 billion rupees. highly expensive lease agreements, open skies policy without discussion, giving dozens of landing rights to one airline in one day and discontinuation of some important routes drastically reducing PIA’s market share, the notice says


Farhatullah Babar said that two facts are most pertinent: One, The recommendations of the Senate Special Committee on PIA including overhaul of Board of Directors were not implemented even though under the Rules of Business it had become mandatory on the government to implement the same. Two, the surprising timing and manner of privatization without reference to Parliament, involving conflict of interest and just when the general elections are around the corner.

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Former President Zardari retracts and regrets his remarks about Rao Anwar as mis-spoken

Islamabad February 17, 2018: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has regretted the remarks he made in interview with a private channel Friday that sought to give the impression of supporting the absconding former SSP Malir Rao Anwar.

Spokesperson Senator Farhatullah Babar said that Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has described his words as mis-spoken and regretted any offence to anyone.

The former President also acknowledged in another TV interview today that his words about Rao Anwar were indeed mis-spoken, the Spokesperson said..

The former President has also denounced extra judicial killings as “abhorrent, criminal and unacceptable” and called for bringing to justice all those involved in it, the Spokesperson said.

Enforced disappearances and extra judicial killings are twins of a deepening curse. It is unthinkable that the Pakistan People’s Party would support it in any form or manner, the Spokesperson said. The party’s record in and out of the parliament is a testimony to it.

The former President realizes that his remarks made unwittingly in the flow of conversation may have caused anguish and has regretted it.