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People of Lyari rejected deceptive call from IK Niazi: Sen. Saeed Ghani

“Imran Niazi did not have any piece of land in Islamabad in past but today he owns a palace there, which is spread on 350 canals. He has to clarify about sources for owning such a huge and luxurious palace in country’s capital”

Karachi. 29.11.2015: The Pakistan People’s party (PPP) Parliamentary Leader in the Senate of Pakistan Senator Saeed Ghani has expressed his gratitude to the people of Lyari for rejecting Burger BB Imran Khan Niazi’s invitation to attend a gathering of the Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) at Kakri Ground in Lyari.
On such a humiliating rejection from the people of Lyari, who always proved to be die-hard Jiayalas of the PPP, the PTI Chairman Imran Khan on returning to his base kept on changing his dresses and vehicles. Lastly, as usual, he asked his party men to bring people from other areas so as to make a show, which was an utter manifest of failure.
Senator Ghani while commenting on the so-called threats to the PTI Chairman said it was strange to hear if Imran Khan claims he has threats from the groups he lives with.
He also questioned about the assets of Imran Khan and asked him to clarify as what in the name of assets he had prior to entering the politics and today.
He did not have any piece of land in Islamabad in past but today he owns a palace there, which is spread on 350 canals and he has to clarify about sources for owning such a huge and luxurious palace in country’s capital, said Senator Ghani.
He said it was beyond senses as why Imran Khan is making appeals to the people of the country for donations for Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital while he is a billionaire as he owns a palace in Islamabad. In this situation, he should not bother the masses for donations. On the other hand, Imran Niazi has a strong mafia in his company and that mafia is capable of donating millions instead.
The PPP Parliamentary Leader in the Senate Senator Saeed Ghani said the epicentre of Imran Niazi’s politics is to conduct character assassination of country’s politicians and to gather wealth by hook or crook.

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Zardari says PPP aims at making Pakistan a welfare state

Says religion based laws will not be allowed to be misused

Pays tributes to political workers on PPP’s Founding day

Islamabad November 29, 2015: In a message on the eve of the 49th founding day of the Pakistan People’s Party on Monday Co-Chairman and President Asif Ali Zardari has vowed that the Party’s struggle to build a progressive, egalitarian and democratic society will continue unabated despite odds.

“I wish to reiterate that the Party aims at making Pakistan a welfare driven state- a state in which the motivating force and rationale for state policies is the welfare of the people and nothing else”.

Bhuttoism is the name of an ideology and the founding day is an occasion to rejoice and celebrate in that ideology. It is also an occasion to renew our pledge to empower the people, emancipate women, integrate the Non Muslim minorities in the national mainstream and strengthen democratic institutions and to serve the masses, he said.

It was this ideology of Bhuttoism that the previous PPP government succeeded in restoring the unanimous Constitution of 1973, opening doors of political reforms and participation in the tribal areas, taking head on the militants, launching a massive poverty alleviation program, making the workers share holders in state rune enterprises and uplifting the lot of minorities.

The journey in the pursuit of ideology must continue. We will continue our struggle to ensure that religion based laws were not misapplied to stifle dissent or haunt non Muslim minorities or hound vulnerable and weaker sections of the Muslims in the name of faith.

Paying tributes to the political workers he said that democracy has survived and flourished on their sweat, blood and tears. It is because of their sacrifices that dictatorship has not been able to take roots in Pakistan.

On this day I wish to reiterate that the epic struggle for safeguarding democracy and democratic institutions and empowering people will continue.

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Three independent elected councilors from Tharparker joined PPP

KARACHI, November 29: Three independent elected councilors of Tharparker today visited Media Cell Bilawal House and joined Pakistan Peoples after meeting Surendar Valasai Minority Affairs Advisor to Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari today. PPP MPA Dr Khatumal Jeewan was also present on the occasion.
Those joining PPP include Town Committee Chelhar Councilors Karamchand Meghwar, Preetam Kumar and Wasand Mal of Union Council, Mithrio Bhatti.
Surendar Valasai and Dr Khatumal Jeewan welcomed them to the Party of downtrodden and democratic people where all Pakistanis are treated as equal citizens.

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PPP demands strict monitoring of KE on arrest of Hizbut Tehreer extremist

Karachi. 28.11.2015: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Karachi Division President Syed Najmi Alam, General Secretary Nadeem Bhutto and Secretary Information Syed Manzoor Abbas while expressing serious concern on presence of extremist elements in Karachi Electric, especially those belonging to Hizbut Tehreer, demanded the federal government to respond to this highly dangerous situation that has created alarms through their presence in national strategic institutions such as Karachi Electric.

In a statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh, they said it is not knows as how many more extremists are in Karachi Electric in the disguise of employees.

They said the law enforcement agencies are striving hard to cleanse the country from the terrorism but they are not allowed to take any action against top administration as is the case of Karachi Electric.

They said the arrest of Hizbut Tehreer extremist Seham Qamar from Karachi Electric should not be confined to his individual arrest but the entire Karachi Electric administration should be placed under monitoring and should be interrogated for providing employment to such notorious elements and keeping their eyes closed from their activities. If the administration is not placed under strict monitoring and not interrogated, it would be tantamount to committing treason from the country.

They demanded the federal government to initiate investigations on Karachi Electric to ascertain where they used the money they have looted from the consumers through inflated electricity bills.

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CM urges newly reshuffled ministers to serve people selflessly

CM urges newly reshuffled ministers to serve people selflessly
KARACHI (Nov) : Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali has said that the newly reshuffled cabinet members have been given target to serve the people of the province selflessly. ” The performance of the ministers would be assessed after three month.”
This he said while talking to the newly reshuffled cabinet members who called on him today at the CM House. Those who called on him were Senior Minister for Education & Parliamentary Affairs Nisar Khuhro, Local Government Minister Jam Khan Shoro, Food Minister Syed Nasir Shah, Advisor to CM for Information Mola Bux Chandio and Social Welfare advisor to CM Ziaul Hassan Lanjar.
The chief minister congratulating Jam Khan Shoro directed him to work hard. “Every one is crying against the performance of the local bodies so you have to work day and night to give relief to the people,” he urged him.
He further directed Mr Shoro that “I want to see the city of Karachi clean, therefore necessary measures for the purpose must be taken on war footings.”
Syed Qaim Ali Shah talking to Nasir Shah said that the portfolio of food was very important but there were lot of issues which need to be resolved. “More than 700,000 tons of wheat of last crop is lying in the godowns. So you have to make efforts to export it,” he urged.
The chief minister welcomed Mola Bux Chandio in Sindh government. “Now you are under our umbrella and your portfolio is the voice of Sindh government,” he said and added “I hope you would play an effective role for government in media,” he said.
The chief minister appreciated the services and hard work of Nisar Khuhro in the party and the government whatever assignment has been given to him and hoped that he would also play an effective role as parliamentary Affairs minister.
The ministers thanked the party leadership and the chief minister for their induction in the cabinet with new portfolio and assured that they would try their best to come up to the expectations of the party leadership and the chief minister.

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Pakistan’s Parliament represented at the UN-IPU conference on statelessness

Cape Town South Africa Nov 27, 2015: Chairing the session of the joint UN and Inter Parliamentary (IPU) conference in Cape Town in South Africa on the second day today Senator Farhatullah Babar said that statelessness of children was a ‘monstrous atrocity’ that must be addressed by the parliaments of the member countries expeditiously.

PPP Senator Farhatullah Babar and PTI Senator John Kenneth Williams represented the Pakistan Parliament at the conference on statelessness that was attended by parliamentarians of more than one hundred countries from across the globe.

Senator Farhatullah Babar was nominated to chair the session on stateless children today.

The two day Conference discussed several issues ranging from assessing the Situation of Statelessness, Gender Discrimination in nationality laws that contributed to statelessness, Global Legal framework to address statelessness and to Ensuring that No Child was born as


Farhatullah Babar said that Pakistan was host of several million Afghan refugees for the past several decades and the birth of children to Afghan refugees during this period coupled with the possibility of absence of documentation in their own country may have rendered many of them as stateless as defined by the UN and called for a formal study collect reliable data on statelessness for addressing the issues.

He said that a stateless child was exposed to most serious human rights violations as he had no right to access other rights and were also most vulnerable to exploitation by crimes syndicates and violent militant groups. He said if a study was carried out to investigate the relationship between statelessness and violent extremism it might improve insight into terrorism issues.

Senator John Williams said that UN Conventions of 1954 and 1961 provided a useful legal framework for addressing the issue however there was also a need to examine the statelessness in different countries from the perspective of their local conditions.

About the gender discrimination in nationality laws senator Farhatullah Babar said that in Pakistan the gender bias in the citizenship law was removed in 2000 when the word ‘father’ was substituted with the word ‘parent’ thereby allowing the mothers also to transfer nationality rights to their children.

He said that the UN-IPU Conference should move beyond the present narrative that the parliament had the powers and authority to end statelessness and adopt a new slogan “Parliaments and parliamentarians have a RESPONSIBILITY to end statelessness”.

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Farooq Naek meet Bilawal Bhutto

KARACHI, November 27: Former Senate Chairman and eminent legal expert of the country Farooq H. Naek called on Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari at Bilawal House today and congratulated him on honorable acquittal of former President Asif Ali Zardari in SGS-Cotecna References from an Ehtesab Court.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari appreciated hard-work and well-found arguments that led to the collapse during proceedings of two fabricated references filed to victimize Asif Ali Zardari.

Farooq H. Naek also discussed country’s political situation and congratulated Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on winning almost 100% results in two phases of Local Government elections in Sindh.


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