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Senator Taj Haider for Parliamentary Committee to examine JC report

Karachi 30.07.15: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Sindh chapter General Secretary Senator Taj Haider said the Judicial Commission (JC) had completely ignored the fact that three progressive parties were not allowed to run an election campaign by the terrorist organisation, Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The elections were snatched away on gun point and handed over to the right-winged parties. This fact alone was enough to declaring the elections as rigged.

In a statement issued here Thursday, Senator Taj Haider said that the JC while giving comments on the shortcomings of the election commission did not cause to hear the ex-chief election commissioner (EC) or the other members of the commission.

He said that the ground fact is that the EC was divided in 3 and 2. The decisions were made on majority opinion. Three respected members of the EC simply refused to hear a single word against the right-winged political parties and went out of their way to support these parties.

He claimed that the EC bureaucracy, trained in rigging during many previous elections was openly working for the establishment. On many occasions, they refused to obey the directives of the EC Chief.

The record of decisions and opinions of different members should be closely examined so as to ascertain to which members were part of the so-called mismanagement of fair elections, demanded the Senator Taj Haider, adding that a special committee of the Parliament should be constituted to examine the entire record and then give its opinion on the conduct of each member of the EC.

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PPP demands CJ for Suo Motto notice on 1300 deaths in Karachi from heat wave, electrocution

Karachi. 29.7.2015: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Karachi Division President Syed Najmi Alam, Sardar Khan, Izhar Ul Haq Hassanzai, Lateef Mughal and Manzoor Abbas demanded the federal government to charge sheet the Karachi Electric over loss of more than 1300 lives in past months owing to heat wave and suffocation that had prevailed indoors as the Karachi Electric had deliberately caused the city to sink into blackouts.

They said it was very unfortunate that the federal government had not yet taken any measures for the redressal of more than 1300 affected families for which the PMLN’s federal government was also equally responsible as it had 26 percent shares in the Karachi Electric with three incumbent Directors.

They deplored the federal government’s frigid attitude on loss of lives of citizens in such a great numbers but the federal government had even avoided any action against the Karachi Electric.

They also appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take Suo Motto notice over more than 1300 deaths in just one day so that the people’s trust and confidence on the supremacy of law might be protected.

They demanded the federal government to take immediate steps for the assistance of the affected families and release compensation funds to them.

They also demanded the federal government should initiate multi-faceted enquiry into Karachi Electric as the later had still not taken any measures for the safety of the people due to which more than 10 citizens had been electrocuted during rains from dropped live electric lines.

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PPP Karachi condemns killing of senior leader Jamal Nasir Baloch

Karachi. 28.7.2015: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Karachi Division President Syed Najmi Alam, secretary Information Lateef Mughal, Manzoor Abbas, PPP District West President Nadeem Bhutto and General Secretary Siddique Akbar condemned the killing of PPP’s senior leader Jamal Nasir Baloch

They said the terrorists had once again started targeting the innocent workers and office-bearers of the party. The deceased was an active worker of the PPP, who had been struggling for protecting the Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Park (Gattur Bagheecha) from the land grabbers. He was also an active trade unionist.

They demanded the law enforcement agencies to leave no stone unturned for bringing the killers to task.

They also demanded for compensation to the aggrieved family.

It would be pertinent to mention that the terrorists had in past also killed his brother Nadir Balouch.

Earlier, the slain PPP worker was laid to rest in a local graveyard and his funeral prayers were performed in Trance Lyari Park situated in Old Golimar area. Lateef Mughal, Taj Muhammad Shah Mir, Comrade Rafique, Nacveed Bhatti, Abdul Rehman Bapra, H M Ghanchi, Waja Niaz, Dad Muhammad Shaikh, Rasool Bux Rekhani, Syed Ahsan Zaidi, Fateh Baboo, Ejaz Mengal, a large number of PPP workers and residents attended.

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CM orders measures to prevent flood-related losses

HYDERABAD: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has directed irrigation authorities and district administration to take all possible measures so that flood-related losses, if any, could be minimised. He called for strict surveillance of vulnerable points of River Indus and no laxity would be tolerated in this regard. He added that in case of any damages or destruction as a result of flood, the province would suffer.

He was chairing a meeting irrigation officials at Ghulam Moham­mad Barrage on Monday evening in view of weather forecast about flood and monsoon rains.

Irrigation officials gave him a briefing regarding flood situation and monsoon rains.

He said authorities should not be complacent in view of their preparations and ensure that precautionary arrangements are in place unless entire floodwater reaches sea.

Chief Engineer Junaid Ahmed Memon informed the chief Sindh that 160,500 cusec is passing through Kotri barrage which has a designed capacity of 900,000 cusec. He added that on Aug 3, medium flood of 300,000 cusec would be passing downstream Kotri barrage.

He said that this quantum of floodwater may rise in case new weather system develops in Koh-i-Suleman in the next three days.

Published in Dawn, July 28th, 2015

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ظالمانہ ود ہولڈنگ ٹیکس کے نفاذ سے ہنڈی کے کاروبار کو تقویت ملی ہے:- اراکین قومی اسمبلی پاکستان پیپلزپارٹی




کراچی: حکومت نے تاجر برادری کے ود ہولڈنگ ٹیکس کو ختم کرنے کے مطالبے کو رد کردیا ہے جس پر ملک بھر کی تاجر برادری سراپا احتجاج ہے۔ بینکوں کے ذریعے رقم کے لین دین پر حکومت نے ود ہولڈنگ ٹیکس کا ظالمانہ نظام نافذکرکے ملکی معیشت کو ایک عجیب و غریب بحران میں مبتلا کردیا ہے ۔اس ظالمانہ ود ہولڈنگ ٹیکس کے نفاذ سے ہنڈی کے کاروبار کو تقویت ملی ہے اور منی لانڈرنگ ملکی معیشت میں آخری کیل کی طرح تباہی مچائے گی لیکن ن لیگ کی حکومت کو نہ عوام کی کوئی پروا ہے نہ تاجر برادری کا کوئی خیال ۔ ان خیالات کا اظہار پاکستان پیپلزپارٹی کے اراکین قومی اسمبلی نوید قمر ، ایاز سومرو ، کمال خان چانگ اور شاہجہان بلوچ نے پی پی پی میڈیا سیل سندھ سے جاری ایک بیان میں کیا۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ پاکستان پیپلزپارٹی حکومت کے اس ظالمانہ اقدام کے خلاف قومی اسمبلی اور سینیٹ میں بھرپور آواز اٹھائے گی اور تاجر برادری کے ساتھ کھڑی رہے گی۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ ن لیگ کی حکومت جو حال ہی میں ایک بڑے بحران سے بچ نکلی ہے اب ود ہولڈنگ ٹیکس کے ظالمانہ نظام کے نفاذ پر اسے ملک کے چپے چپے میں تاجر برادری کے غیض وغضب کا سامنا کرنا ہوگا۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ ن لیگ کی حکومت ہوش کے ناخن لے اور عوام اور تاجروں پر ظلم وستم کا سلسلہ بند کرے۔

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PPP rejects imposition of withholding tax, asks Fed Govt to stop serving IMF as sub-office  



Karachi. 27.7.2015: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MNAs said the PMLN federal government had having rejected the just demand of the traders and businessmen for withdrawal of withholding tax on bank transactions showed it had no concern about the people and the traders. The rejection of just demand of the traders had once again proved that the PMLN federal government was working as sub-office of the IMF. However, the tyrant imposition of the withholding tax would leave unprecedented country-wide reaction in which the PPP would be on the forefront with the masses and the traders and businessmen.

In a joint statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh, MNAs Naveed Qamar, Ayaz Soomro, Kamal Khan Chang and Shahjehan Balouch said that it was proved that the PMLN federal government only duped the traders and businessmen and gained some time to announce its unjust tyrant imposition of the withholding tax. The PMLN federal government believed it had come out of the political crisis after the release of Judicial Commission’s report on rigging in elections-2013. Nonetheless, the issue of withholding tax would prove fatal to the PMLN federal government and there would be severe protest in nook and cranny.

They said that the imposition of withholding tax had already compelled the traders to transfer their money through person to person and the trend of keeping the money deposited in banks had much declined, which would ruin the entire banking system of the country.

They said the imposition of the withholding tax while preventing the healthy trend of making transactions through banks would also open new avenues for money laundering and thus the country would face irreparable loss to the economy.

The demanded the PMLN federal government to listen to the voice of the people and withdraw the levy of unjust withholding tax on bank transactions or be ready to face the unprecedented country-wide protest in which the PPP would be on the forefront and would also raise the issue in the national assembly and the senate.


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وزیر اعلیٰ سندھ کا نصف شب کو شہر کے مختلف علاقوں کا اچانک دورہ، نالوں کی صفائی مناسب نہ ہونے پر برہمی کا اظہار۔







کراچی (- جولائی): وزیر اعلیٰ سندھ سید قائم علی شاہنے پیر اور اتوار کی درمیانی شب کراچی شہر کے مختلف کے علاقوں کا اچانک دورہ کرکے بارشوں سے نمٹنے کیلئے ایمرجنسی کے حوالے سے بلدیاتی اداروں کے انتظامات کا جائزہ لیا۔ اس موقعے پر وزیر اعلیٰ سندھ کے معاونین خصوصی وقار مہدی راشد ربانی کوآرڈ ینٹرابوبھائی بھی ان کے ہمراہ تھے۔ انہوں نے اچانک دورے کے دوران اورنگی نالہ، گجر نالہ اور کلری نالہ کے جاری صفائی کے کام کا معائنہ کیا اورکلری نالہ،مچھر کالونی نالے کی صفائی موثر طریقے سے ناہونے پر اپنی برہمی کا اظہار کرتے ہوئے متعلقہ حکام کو فوری طورپر شہر کے تمام اہم نالوں کی صفائی کا کام مکمل کرنے کے احکامات جاری کیے۔ وزیر اعلیٰ سندھ نے کے ایم سی افسران ، ڈی ایم سی ساؤتھ اور ڈی سی ساؤتھ کو صفائی کا کام جنگی بنیادوں پر کرنے کی ہدایت کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ محکمہ موسمیات نے رواں ہفتے مزید موسلا دار بارشیں ہونے کی پیش گوئی کی ہے اس کئے نالوں کی صفائی سمیت تمام احتیاطی تدابیراختیار کی جائیں ۔ تاکہ عوام کو تیز بارشوں کے نتیجے میں کسی بھی نقصان سے بچایا جاسکے۔ انہوں نے بارشوں کا رواں سلسلہ ختم ہونے تک تمام بلدیاتی اداروں کے عملداروں اور عملے کو فیلڈ میں رہنے کے احکامات جاری کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ بلدیاتی ادارے کسی بھی ہنگامی صورتحال سے نمٹنے کیلئے چوکنا اور الرٹ رہیں۔

(ہینڈ آؤٹ نمبر۔۔2015(ا۔ع۔ک)



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