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Delegation of PPP’s Coordination Committee for Culture Wing Sindh called on Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

KARACHI, May 24: A delegation of PPP’s Coordination Committee for Culture Wing Sindh called on the Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari at Bilawal House today and briefed him about Party’s plan for welfare and promotion of the artists in the province.


Committee was comprised of senior artists Mohammad Ali Shyhaki, Ayub Khoso, Kaisar Khan Nizamani, Ayub Khoso and Gul-e-Raana. Sindh Culture Minister Sardar Shah and Senator Saeed Ghani were also present on the occasion.


The Committee apprised the Party Chairman about the Plans devised by its members for promotion of artists and their welfare.


They also complained to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari about glaring injustices by the PEMRA and PTV. They further stressed that 6% foreign content should be immediately replaced by regional languages content to fillip our culture and to create more opportunities for local artists.

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Former President Zardari strongly condemns Manchester blast

Islamabad, 23 May 2017: Former President of Pakistan and President Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians Asif Ali Zardari condemning Manchester blast in the strongest possible words said that the perpetrators of this crime are not human and these evil forces who killed 22 innocent people and injuring many more should be eliminated from this world.

In a statement Asif Ali Zardari said that he was shocked to hear about this act of terror. PPP stands in solidarity with British Government and people in this time of sorrow and grief, he said.

Former President also offered his heartfelt condolence with the bereaved families and said that his prayers are with the families of victims of this barbarism. He said that the world must and should unite against terrorism. He also prayed for swift recovery of injured. 

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Former President Zardari condemned terror attack in Manchester


اسلام آباد


سابق صدر پاکستان اور پاکستان پیپلزپارٹی پارلیمینٹیرینز کے صدر آصف علی زرداری نے مانچسٹر میں ہونے والی دہشتگردی کی پرزور الفاظ میں مذمت کرتے ہوئے کہا ہے کہ معصوم اور بے گناہ انسانوں کا قتل وحشیانہ فعل ہے۔ ایسے درندوں کا خاتمہ امن کی ضمانت ہوگا۔ سابق صدر نے برطانوی حکومت اور عوام سے ہمدردی کا اظہار کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ پاکستان پیپلزپارٹی اس سوچ کی مزاحمت کر رہی ہے جو سوچ شدت پسندی کو جنم دیتی ہے۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ دکھ کی اس گھڑی میں پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی برطانیہ کے عوام کے ساتھ ہے۔

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Press Conference on Budget

Islamabad May 23, 2017:  The Pakistan People’s Party today called for a 25 % increase in pay and pension, minimum wages of Rs 18,000 pm and a separate fund for social protection of vulnerable groups and including trans genders in the poverty alleviation flagship BISP.

The call was made today at a press conference in Islamabad by Senator Salim Mandviwalla former Finance Minister and Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Revenue while unveiling the Party’s shadow budget ahead of the national budget due on May 27. Senator Usman Saifullah Khan, former MNA CH Manzoor, former Punjab Finance Minister Tanvir Kaira and Secretary General PPPP Senator Farhatullah Babar and media coordinator Nazir Dhoki were also present in the press conference.

Mandviwallah, who is also the convener of the Manifesto Committee said that President PPP Parliamentarians Mr. Asif Zardari had already directed that adequate poverty alleviation measures be spelt out in the manifesto ahead of the 2018 general elections.

At 5.8 trillion the shadow budget envisages 825 billion rupees in revenue and 4 million new tax filers. It also calls for restructuring of FBR to raise revenues and diverting resources to enhance social and food security, Mandviwalla said.

An additional allocation of 47 billion per year to health is envisaged to bridge the yawning gap in this sector.

A pilot project of health insurance will be introduced in the first stage in Islamabad to serve as model for the provinces. Provinces will be persuaded to raise education spending to achieve the target of 5% of GDP in the next five years.

Sales tax on goods and services and provincial excise will be collected by Provincial Board of Revenue. Federal excise will also be collected by the provincial Board of Revenue and transferred to federal government on agreed terms Mandviwalla said explaining salient features of the shadow budget.

Legislation will be enacted for mandatory sharing of information by all federal and provincial tax agencies, NADRA and law enforcement agencies to document economy and plug holes in tax recovery, he said.

“Rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer is a bane of our society” he said adding that spending which benefitted only the rich will be stopped and diverted to the benefit of the poorest of poor. Withdrawal of 5% federal excise duty on crude petroleum is also envisaged to bring down the cost of transportation for the poor .

The Party vowed to build on priority western route agreed to in the May 2015 APC in the PM house but dumped by the government. Special training programs will be devised to initiate businessmen in trading with China.

Dilating on it further Mandviwalla said that CPEC was formally launched during the twilight weeks of the PPP government when the Gawadur Port project was transferred from Singapore to China in February 2013..

To heal the wounds of most underdeveloped and militancy infested areas of Balochistan, KPK and tribal areas the centre piece of CPEC was the western route of the Corridor, he said.

Zardari has been deeply concerned over dumping of the western route, insensitivity to the hopes and aspirations of smaller provinces and lack of transparency in the CPEC project.

The Prime Minister lectured some 1500 OBOR delegates in Beijing on “transcending differences and resolving conflicts through dialogue to leave behind a legacy of peace”. Just when Nawaz Sharif was making right noises in Beijing the Minister for Planning was dismissing indignantly as “factually incorrect” concerns raised in the media back home, Mandviwalla said.

Mandvialla deplored that the National Industrial Policy 2011 aimed at turning Pakistan into “a factory for the world rather than a shop” was not implemented by the government.

“Nawaz Sharif is a businessman and he ought to know that continuity of economic policies must not become a casualty of politics” he said and vowed to revive the 2011 industrial policy.

To break the vicious cycle of taking loans for repayment of old loans the PPP proposed involving private sector in infrastructural development and a massive reduction in debt-financed investment in infrastructure by the federal government.

Mandviwalla said that the Nawaz government had further pushed the nation into the bottomless pit of debt leaving little for social safety and human development.

The overall debt had increased from 9.5 trillion in 2013 to 12.7 trillion rupees in 2016 while external debt rose from 61 billion dollars to 73 billion dollars during the same period. Net public debt exceeded 18.28 trillion rupees – a whooping increase of 35 % during the PML-N government, he said.

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Aseefa Bhutto Zardari inaugurated Polio Campaign at Shah Faisal Colony health center

KARACHI, May 23: Aseefa Bhutto Zardari Inaugurated Polio Campaign at Shah Faisal Colony health center. She administered polio drops to children and distributed gifts among them. “We must give the campaign top priority, I appeal to parents to come forward and vaccinate their children. There have been major improvements in the polio programme but we must not rest till we eradicate polio completely.”

Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, Rotary Ambassador for Polio continues her mother, Ex-Prime Minister Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s mission to eradicate polio from Pakistan.

Pakistan has come a long way in Polio eradication since the 1990s, from hundreds of cases of polio to only two polio cases so far in 2017. Out of the two cases this year, none are from Sindh.

She also spoke with mothers at the health facility and asked them about the problems faced in their communities and committed to helping them resolve issues such as lack of sanitation facilities and clean drinking water. For this she requested Deputy Commissioner Korangi to look into the matter and address it. The polio campaign in Karachi will be held from the 23rd to the 27th of May with a target of approximately 2.3 million children under the age of 5 and will cover all 6 districts and 188 union councils of the city.

Technical Coordinator Shahnaz Wazir Ali, DC Korangi Syed Mehdi Ali Shah, Commissioner Karachi Focal Person for Polio Dr. Nusrat, Provincial Team Leaders from WHO and UNICEF, BMGF Technical Focal Person Dr. Ahmad Ali Shaikh, MS. Sind Government Hospital, DHO Korangi were also present at the occasion.

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پی پی پی کے وفد نے سید نیر بخاری کی قیادت میں کمیونسٹ پارٹی کے سیکریٹری اور جیانگ زی کے وزیر اعلی لو زنگ شی سے ملاقات

Nan Chang , Jiangxi, May 23:

پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کے وفد نے سابق چیئرمین سینیٹ و سیکریٹری جنرل سید نیر بخاری کی قیادت میں کمیونسٹ پارٹی کے سیکریٹری اور جیانگ زی کے وزیر اعلی لو زنگ شی سے ملاقات کی . ملاقات میں باہمی امور بالخصوص پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی اور کمیونسٹ پارٹی آف چائنہ کے تعلقات کو مزید مستحکم اور وفود کا تبادلہ بڑھانے پر اتفاق کیا گیا . جیانگ زی کے وزیر اعلی نے وفد کو بتایا کہ چائنہ دوستی کی تاریخی بنیاد وزیر اعظم ذوالفقار علی بھٹو نے رکھی اور آج ہمیں اس کا پھل پاک چائنہ اکنامک کوریڈور کی شکل میں ملا ہے جس کا فائدہ دونوں ملکوں اور اس کے لوگوں کو ہوگا اور پورے خطے ایک معاشی تبدیلی آئے گی


لو زنگ شی نے وفد کو آگاہ کیا کہ صدر زرداری نے متعد بار چائنہ کا دورہ کر کے پاک چائنہ دوستی کو مزید مظبوط کیا اور اس کی مثال گوادر پورٹ اور CPEC  ہے . سید نیر بخاری نے چائنیز وفد کو ہر ممکن تعاون کا یقین دلایا اور مستقبل میں وفود کے تبادلے مزید بڑھانے پہ زور دیا۔ سید نیر بخاری نے کمیونسٹ پارٹی کے وفد کو پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کی جانب پاکستان کے دورے کی دعور بھی دی۔


اس موقع پر  وزیر اعلی زیانگ زی کی جانب سے پیپلز پارٹی کے وفد کے لئے ظہرانہ بھی دیا گیا ، وفد میں حیدر زمان قریشی ، میر چنگیز جمالی ، اعظم آفریدی ، مطلوب انقلابی ، سردار شاھجہان ، قاسم نوید ، جاوید شاہ ، آغا ماجد ، ڈاکٹر صائمہ ، عامر فدا پراچا اور ملائکہ رضا شامل ہیں .

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Bilawal Bhutto strongly condemns terrorist blasts in Manchester

KARACHI, May 23: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has strongly condemned terrorist blasts in British city of Manchester and urged the international community to stand up as eliminating the menace of terrorism has become a joint responsibility of the international community.

In a statement issued here, the PPP Chairman said in this hour of grief the people of Pakistan and his Party are in full solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom and share their pain.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that his country and his Party are the worst victims of terrorism in the world and we will support every effort anywhere and everywhere for complete eradication of extremism and terrorism from the globe.