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Zardari felicitates nation on completing 70 years of independent existence

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Calls for a democratic, progressive and liberal Pakistan

Expresses concern over resurrection of banned organizations

Islamabad August 13, 2017: Felicitating the nation on completing 70 years of independence former President Asif Ali Zardari today asked the people to re-dedicate themselves to the twin ideals of democracy and people’s welfare for which Pakistan was created.

Amid celebrations today we should not be unmindful of the threats to the basic values on which our nationhood was founded, the former President said.

“Let us also on this day reiterate our total rejection of the attempts by some to turn Pakistan into a theocratic state by proclaiming loudly and clearly that Pakistan was never meant to be nor will be allowed to degenerate into a theocratic state”.

Welfare of the people must always be upper most in our minds, he said adding also “the security of the country will be enhanced, not undermined if the state focused on welfare of the people”.

On this occasion we pay homage to the countless people who sacrificed their lives and endured hardships to make the dream of Pakistan come true. There is a little serpent of doubt that bites the soul; banned militant and extremist organizations have been allowed to resurrect in total disregard of the law and the National Action Plan, he said.

Our thoughts also go out to those who have laid down their lives and suffered grievously in fighting militancy and for the cause of democracy and rule of law. They all are our national heroes and

The enemy struck again on the eve of Independence Day in Quetta resulting in the martyrdom of our valiant soldiers and civilians. We pay homage to our martyrs by reiterating the pledge to fight the coward enemy to the finish.

Let us on this occasion also reiterate our commitment to make Pakistan a truly modern, democratic, progressive and liberal country in the sense where freedom and opportunity are its defining characteristics, he said.


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