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Zardari slams cover up of incident of running over of traffic warden in Quetta Calls for investigation and dispelling impression of cover up

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Zardari slams cover up of incident of running over of traffic warden in Quetta

Calls for investigation and dispelling impression of cover up

Islamabad June 24, 2017: Former President Asif Zardari has taken
serious note of the incident in Quetta the other day of a speeding car
running over a traffic warden on duty and called for thorough
investigations to allay suspicions of cover up.

Spokesperson Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the former President
Asif Zardari who is in London expressed profound grief and shock over
the death of  Sub Inspector Haji Attaullah Dashti in the incident and
the questionable manner in which the case was dealt with.

Details of the case emerged days later after the social media ran its
CCTV footage showing a madly driven car seeming to deliberately run
over a police warden. Police however registered a case of traffic
accident against unidentified persons,he said.

“There is a serious inconsistency between the gravity of the incident
on the one hand and investigations and case registration on the other
that smacks of a deliberate cover up”, Zardari said.

The former President said that the police warden was run over on
Tuesday and CCTV footage was available yet it was not pursued in
normal course and no explanations offered also raised questions that
needed answers.

The fact that the politically influential owner of the car initially
chose to remain silent and spoke up only after the footage went viral
on social media further lent credence to suspicions of political
pressure to hush up the incident, he said.

Zardari said that any attempt at cover up would strengthen the
perception that the relationship between citizen and the state was
government more by social status than by law besides demoralizing the
police force.

Any cover up will be a travesty of justice that cannot and must not be
permitted nor condoned, he said.

Zardari also prayed for the soul of late Haji Attaullah Dashti and
expressed profound condolences to the bereaved family members. He also
asked for compensation and a civil award to late Traffic Warden Haji



Author: PPP Social Media Cell /FAA

Official Social Media Cell of Pakistan Peoples Party

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