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Worrying that Pakistan’s sovereignty is constantly being breached from its Eastern, Western and Southern borders: Senator Sehar Kamran

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Islamabad, 6th June, 2017: Senator Sehar Kamran (TI) while participating in the discussion on the adjournment motion in the Senate of Pakistan regarding the incident of firing by the Afghan Security Forces on the census team operating inside Pakistan condemned the incident inwhich children were attacked despite prior notification by Pakistan to Afghan officials. She said such incidents are not a stand-alone events but part of a larger geo-political agenda.

Senator Kamran said Pakistan’s sovereignty is constantly being breached from its Eastern, Western and Southern borders. She said it is alarming that our relations with bordering states are getting worse by the day. She stated that government has failed to formulate and implement an effective foreign policy, it couldn’t even appoint a foreign minister during its four years of rule.

Senator Sehar Kamran said Pakistan hosted and provided millions of Afghan refugees with shelter as well as economic oportunities but in return, today they are facilitating Indian interests against Pakistan. She said it is time of introspection for Pakistan. She questioned why Pakistan can’t diplomatically and politically resolve situations like these before they escalate to a point of no return? She emphasized that Parliamentary relations between countries especially with our neighbours need to be strengthened to prevent future situations like these



Author: PPP Social Media Cell /FAA

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