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Zardari greets nation on Ramadan

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Islamabad May 27, 2017: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has greeted the Muslims on the advent of Ramadan and urged them to seek forgiveness of their sins and the blessings of Allah in this Holy month.

“The month of Ramadan is a month of fasting and blessing, which enjoins upon the Muslims to devote themselves to observe fasting and refrain from all evil deeds”, he said in a message on the occasion.

“I wish to felicitate the Muslims throughout the world in general and the Muslim brothers and sisters in Pakistan in particular on the
advent of the holy month of Ramadan”..

This is also an occasion to seek forgiveness for our sins and in submitting to the will of Allah, he said.

The former President said that each age and each society had to endure a distinct evil peculiar to it. The evil of our time is militancy,
fanaticism and religious extremism, he said and called upon the countrymen to fight this evil to the end.

I also pray for peace all over the world. I pray that God will bless us and free our world from terrorism and help build an understanding
between peoples of different religions, races and cultures so that our children can live in a world of harmony.

“May the blessings of Ramadan will remain with all of you for the whole year”.

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