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PPP Chairman approved office bearers of Balochistan province

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Karachi, May 6: The Chairman, Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has approved following office bearers of Balochistan province with immediate effect.


1.        Sr. Vice President

Mir Changaiz Jamali


2.        Vice President I

Jan Ali Changezi


3.        Vice President II

Mir Mola Buksh Gorgage


4.        Dy. Gen. Secretary II                  Rabbani Khan Khilji


5.        Dy. Inf. Secretary

Hafeez-ul-Mulk Mengal


6.        Finance Secretary

Abdul Hameed Khan Kakar


7.        Record & Event Secretary             Agha Nasir


8.        PRO/Coordination Sec.                 Sardar Sarwar Khan Sulemankhel


Notification in this regard was issued by Jameel Soomro, Political Secretary to the Chairman.

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