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Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto message on World Press Freedom Day

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KARACHI, May 2: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that any attempt for gagging freedom of press would be tantamount to weaken democracy and encourage discrimination and disparity in the society.

In his message on the World Press Freedom Day, PPP Chairman said that PPP was the pioneer of the struggle for press freedom and protection of journalist fraternity in Pakistan. “PPP and journalists have fought together against the dictatorships who ousted democracies and gagged the press through ruthless regimes,” he added.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said PPP leadership had undergone world’s worst media trial in the history at the hands of tin-pot dictators and other opponents but it always stood for freedom of press because our Party’s ideology was to build a society based on tolerance and proactive progress.

PPP Chairman further expressed concern that Pakistan’s ranking on the World Press Freedom Index has come down to 139th position in 180 countries, which is very poor and needs to be improved to create better image of our nation in the world.

He criticized the bottlenecks being created by the PML-N government against the passage of right of access to information legislation and pledged that PPP legislators will support such laws at every elected forum.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari held out assurance to the media persons in Pakistan of every effort to lay foundations of model press freedom environment and promoting media literacy among the masses.


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