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Murad condemns postponing CCI meeting by PM

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KARACHI (April 26): Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the prime minister has failed to fulfil his constitutional responsibility of convening the meeting of Council of Common Interest (CCI). “If you [PM] cannot fulfil your constitutional responsibilities then hand over your position to someone else.”

This he said while addressing a press conference with Sindh PPP President Nisar Khuhro here at the CM House. In the press conference Syed Zafar Ali Shah and some other notables of Dadu district announced to join PPP.

He said he had made necessary preparations to present the case of Sindh in respect of gas, electricity and water in the CCI meeting earlier scheduled for April 28 but all of sudden, the prime minister has postponed the meeting. “This is sheer disappointment for people of Sindh,” he said and added “the constitution says the province which produces gas has first and foremost right to use it but the federal government has denied this constitutional right of people of Sindh.”

Syed Murad Ali Shah said that under the constitution the prime minister is bound to convene CCI meeting after every three months but the last meeting was held in December in which a committee was constituted under the federal law minister to settle the issue of gas. “I had personally attended the meeting of the law minister and the minutes of the meeting have been approved and now the decision was to be taken in the CCI meeting but he postponed it,” he lamented and said “I condemn the decision of postponing the CCI meeting,” he said.

Replying to a question, the chief minister said that the construction of Motorway is defective. “We want you to construct it properly and doesn’t look like motorway,” he said.

Replying to a question about whitepaper issued by MQM-P, Syed Murad Ali Shah said that his cabinet members have already responded to their baseless allegations. “They do not know about the number of administrative divisions and they are talking about issues. He denied to have withdrawn the security of MQM-P leaders and said it was the job of police to provide security to the people who feel-threatened. “Dr Farooq Sattar had requested for security and he has been given security accordingly,” he said.

He said actually some people [MQM] have the problem with the development schemes he has launched in the city. Their policy is simple `neither to work for the uplift of the Karachi and welfare of the people of city nor let others to work for them,” he said and added “but I am telling them that I would be serving the people of Karachi with my heart and soul,” he said.

Replying to a question about kidnapping of Ghulam Qadir Marri and Ashfaq Leghari, the chief minister said “it doesn’t look like merely a kidnapping case but it is something else,” he said and went on saying some people of other province are involved into it.

He brushed aside the impression that only 40 percent development funds have been utilized during the current fiscal but said about 60 percent more development funds have been utilized this year than last fiscal.

Earlier, Sindh PPP president Nisar Khuhro introduced Zafar Ali Shah, former taluka nazim and general secretary of Awami Ittehad led by Liaquat Jatoi who alongwith his other friends announced to join PPP.

Nisar Khuhro said that the people were joining PPP because they believe it is the only party where they could be heard and respected. Those who joined PPP include Zafar Shah, Rehan Hanif, Bakhsahal Khan Panhwar, Moinul Hassan and others.

The new comers in the PPP  fold said that they were with Liaquat Jatoi but he joined PTI which they termed a non-serious party.

Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah welcomed the new members of the party.   


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