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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari approves PPP office-bearers for Malakand and Bannu Divisions, Districts

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KARACHI, March 30: Chairman, Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has approved following office bearers for Malakand and Bannu Divisions and their districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province with immediate effect.








Dr. Afsar ul Mulk                         President


Malik Bacha Saleh                       General Secretary


Malik Rehmatullah                      Information Secretary




Malakand District:




Ahmed Ali Shah Bacha               President


Haji Mohammad Siddique          General Secretary


Haji Zareen                                  Information Secretary




Lower Swat District:




Irfan Chattan                               President


Iqbal Hussain Balay                    General Secretary


Mukhtiar Raza                             Information Secretary




Upper Swat District:


Shahi Khan                                   President


Anwar Zaman Khan                    General Secretary


Dr. Amjad Ali Khan                     Information Secretary




Shangla District:




Hameed Iqbal                              President


Ajab Khan                                    General Secretary


Mian Ghulam ullah                      Information Secretary




Bunair District:


Johar Ali Khan Adv                     President


Javed Iqbal Khan                         General Secretary


Mohammad Ali Khan                  Information Secretary




Upper Dir District:


Arif Khan                                      President


Malik Jehanzeb                            General Secretary


Jehangir Shah                              Information Secretary




Lower Dir District:




Mehmood zeb Khan                    President


Ashfaqur Rehman Bacha           General Secretary


Alam zeb Utmani                         Information Secretary




Chitral District:


Salim Khan                                   President


Malik Hakim Khan Adv.              General Secretary


Qazi Faisal Ahmed                       Information Secretary








Sher Azam Wazir                        President


Shahid Nawaz                              General Secretary


Malik Shoaib                                Information Secretary




Bannu District:




Malik Ashfaq                                President


Taj Mohammad Adv                    General Secretary


Abid Hussain                               Information Secretary




Lakki Marwat District:




Iqbal Hussain Adv                       President


Qismat ullah                                 General Secretary


Sakhi Marjan Marwat                 Information secretary



Notifications in this regard were issued from the Chairman Secretariat by his Political Secretary Jameel Soomro today.



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