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PPP Hazara Division, Districts office-bearers announced

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ISLAMABAD, March 28: The Chairman, Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has approved following office bearers for Hazara Division and districts with immediate effect.


Hazara Division:

Syed Ahmed Hussain Shah               President

Javed Khan of Batgaram                    General Secretary

Waseem Jadoon                                  Information Secretary


Haripur District:

Zulfiqar Qureshi                                 President

Raja Javed                                            General Secretary

Sajid Aziz                                             Information Secretary


Abbotabad District:

Sardar Ibrar                                          President

Sarfaraz Jadoon                                   General Secretary

Shaukat Ali                                          Information secretary


Mansehra District:

Malik Farooq                                       President

Muhammed Fareed                            General Secretary

Jameel Sadiq                                        Information Secretary


Batagram District:

Sardar Malik Jan                                  President

Faqeer Mohammad                            General Secretary

Namroz Khan                                      Information Secretary


Kohistan District:

Saif ul Malook                                     President

Zar Baland                                           General secretary

Mansoor Khan                                     Information secretary


Lower Kohistan District:

Shams ur Rehman                               President

Sirbuland Ranolia                               General Secretary

Muhammed Zaman                            Information Secretary


Tor Ghar District:

Noor Feroz                                           President

Laiq Aziz Shah                                    General Secretary

Afsar Khan                                           Information Secretary


Notifications in this regard were issued from the Chairman Secretariat by his Political Secretary Jameel Soomro today.



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