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PPP rejects increase in petroleum prices

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Islamabad, 28 February 2017: Former Finance Minister and PPP Senator Salim Mandviwala rejecting increase in petroleum prices by Nawaz government said that PML-N government has failed in collecting revenue and now increasing petroleum prices every fortnightly to fill in the shortfall in revenue collection.

In a statement issued by the PPP Media Office Islamabad Senator Mandviwala said the government is faced with 200 billion rupees shortfall in revenue by this time and further 200 billion shortfall is expected before the end of current fiscal year. The country is facing economic crisis due to the economic policies of Nawaz government, he said.

Senator Mandviwala said that government is relying on privatization and increase in petroleum prices to overcome losses in revenue collection and now government is planning to auction three big airports for the same purpose. This is a government which is auctioning national assets whereas good governments increase their national assets, he claimed. Prices of daily used items will increase by the increase in petroleum prices and people will suffer immensely, he concluded.   

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