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Takht-e-Jati Umra embezzled billions from Metro Bus projects: Bilawal House Media Cell

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Karachi. 25.1.2017: Bilawal House Media Cell declaring the Metro Bus projects launched by the Sharif government as sheer worst financial scam and termed them as misleading and duping projects.

The in-charge of the Media Cell Surendar Valasai said that a hefty sum of money to the tune of billions was also embezzled in the Multan Metro Bus Project as was witnessed in the Lahore Metro Bus Project. The cost of Metro Projects in Punjab as compared to similar projects in neighbouring countries was even higher.

Valasai claimed that Takht-e Jati Umra spent Rs.1, 530 million on per kilometer of the project while the neighbouring countries India and China had spent just Rs.290 and Rs.450 per kilometer respectively.

Turkey spent 1000 million on the similar Metro bus projects but in Punjab the amount had reached 1539 million.

The in-charge of Bilawal House Media Cell said that money spent 108 billion rupees on 67 kilometer long tracks of Islamabad, Lahore and Multan projects while India had simply spent 20 billion on similar length of the projects. China and Turkey spent 30 billion and 67 billion respectively. The money spent on domestic projects by the Takht-e Jati Umra is higher than the total cost of Turkey’s one of its most expensive projects.

The Takht-e Raiwind had spent 88 billion and 78 billion more on the projects as compared to India and China.

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