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PPP slams Interior Ministry’s press statement

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Islamabad January 17, 2017: Responding to the statement of Interior Ministry published today Senator Farhatullah Babar has issued the following statement.

“Instead of responding to the fundamental question about the Interior Minister’s lack of understanding of the real enemies of the state and the utter unacceptability of any defence of sectarian terrorists the Ministry has chosen to criticize the PPP for alleged wrongdoings.

“When the Honorable Minister prefers to indulge in his favorite pastime of accusing an opposition political party, his favorite punching bag instead of seeing the real enemies of state, the nation must worry ‘whither the fight against militancy’.

About the Defence of Pakistan Council he said that it was formed perhaps in 2009 as a self-created group ostensibly to protest the Salala incident. However, even then the PPP did not allow it to hold meetings in the federal capital. The DPC operated only in Rawalpindi and Lahore, the bastion of power of the Party of the Interior Minister, he said.

When the then Interior Minister in the PPP government declined permission to Moulana Ludhianvi for holding public meeting in Islamabad the latter threatened to march on the federal capital. Accepting the challenge the PPP refused to budge, he said.

When next time the honorable Minister invites Moulana Ludhianvi Sb for a cup of tea he may like to get some facts verified from him, he said.

The Spokesperson said that he hates to play ping pong of words with the honorable Minister for Interior.


However, I should like to reiterate that the honorable Minister’s distinction between sectarian and non-sectarian militant outfits is “deeply flawed, grievously offensive and extremely dangerous” and has exposed the state and society to incalculable harm.


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