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Islamabad (January 12, 2017: Former President of Pakistan and President PPPP Asif Ali Zardari has rejected the compensation package announced by the Prime Minister for the textile sector of the country, as “too little and too late”.

In a statement the former President said that during the PMLN rule, Pakistan has long lost its hard-earned competitiveness, which had
previously been achieved through the industry-friendly policies of the PPP.

Pakistan textile exports had peaked during his tenure to 13.4 percent of the national GDP, and have ever since sharply declined to only 7.8
percent of the GDP during 2016, he said reminding also that while other countries have been incentivizing exports to take away Pakistan’s share in the global markets the Pakistan government had
miserable failed to respond in time.

Asif Ali Zardari also severely condemned government’s decision to withdraw subsidy on fertilizers terming it “a callous and inhuman
decision and a conspiracy against the poor and the under privileged rural population”.

This decision will not only severely affect the agriculture sector of the country but also drastically increase the poverty level in the rural areas of Pakistan, he said.

The former President warned that the decision that it will only compensate the farmers of the Punjab province will destroy the interprovincial harmony.

He said that only to achieve some cheap political mileage the Nawaz government had on the one-hand withdrawn a subsidy of Rs. 400 per bag
on fertilizer and was secretly compensating farmers of their own political constituency on the other.

The federal government is playing with fire as such measures will create provincial rifts and disharmony, he warned. It will create a
sense of deprivation amongst the people of other three provinces with far reaching consequences.

Mr. Zardari demanded that the decision of withdrawing subsidy should be immediately reversed reiterating that the Pakistan Peoples’ Party will sand by the farmers of the whole country.

The news came as a big surprise for most in the agriculture sector as they were not expecting that the government, under foreign pressure
will go as far as to harm the backbone of the national economy.

As a result of the withdrawal of this scheme the share of the agriculture sector in the national economy and its capacity to drive
growth and development in the country will drastically diminish and soon, he said.

The former President of Pakistan noted that Agriculture experts point out that the upcoming crops of sugarcane and maize will be critically
affected by this thoughtless decision.


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