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PPP won’t allow anyone to hold people hostage on gun point: Senator Saeed Ghani

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Karachi. 9.1.2017: People of Karachi should review their past when they supported a particular ethnic party, which in return ruined the city and held them hostage on gun point. However, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has always fought a battle for their rights, social justice and city’s development. PPP has its manifesto that corresponds to the needs of the city and is taking it ahead to meet the people’s aspirations.

This was said by Sindh Chief Minister’s adviser on Labour and PPP Karachi Division General Secretary, Senator Saeed Ghani on the inauguration of leader of opposition in District Municipal Corporation – East, Zulfiquar Ali Kaim Khani’s people’s coordination office in Lines Area.

On the occasion, PPP founder Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto’s anniversary was also celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm.

Ghani told the audience that the port city of Karachi has people’s representation from nook and cranny of the country and it also represents all ethnic communities that live in Pakistan. The concept of city’s development lies in unity of all ethnic communities under the PPP’s dynamic platform. The time has come to repeal the forces of tyranny so as to allow the peace and tranquility to prevail in the city.

He said those who always captured the public mandate introduced the menace of extortion, target killings and ruled the city by guns but those elements have now reached their logic end and the PPP with the help of the masses won’t allow them to come back.

Speaking on the occasion, leader of opposition in DMC East Zulfiquar Ali Kaim Khani said that the residents of Lines area have suffered a lot and the party that claimed to be their sole representative failed to resolve their decades long issues.

He said the PPP would from now onward pay full attention on their grievances and would leave no stone unturned for resolving their issues and problems at their doorsteps.

Kaim Khani said that it is in history that PPP never accepted dictation from anyone and always stood like an iron wall to the military dictators for which its workers and leaders were jailed, tortured and taken to the gallows. However, dictators could not make them subjugate to their will.

He said that the pro-masses manifesto of PPP and its policies during when it remained in governments were all for the masses, minorities and the under-privileged social classes of the people.

On that occasion, many announced to join the PPP and they were Muhammad Kaleem, Nauman Ali, Arsalan, Muhammad Zakir Bhai, Zeeshan, Majid, Muhammad Jawaid, Tehseen, Musharraf Hussain, Afsar Ali, Muhammad Shahzad and Akbar Rees.

Senator saeed Ghani and Zulfiquar Ali Kaim Khani welcomed the new comers and hoped that the party would keep growing among the masses.

It is pertinent to mention that a large number of notables, residents and party workers were present. Later, Arshad Jan and Raheel Iqbal also addressed.

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