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Former President pays tributes of Shaheed Salman Taseer

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Calls for measures to prevent misuse of religion based laws.

Islamabad January 3, 2017: Six years ago on this day (January 4) Former Governor Punjab Shaheed Salman Taseer laid down his life protecting minorities and vulnerable sections of society against misuse of religion based laws and we pay homage to his memory, said former President Asif Zardari in a message today.

Taseer’s assassination at the hands of bigots was not just a loss of a political party; it was a loss of the nation, he said..

The PPP rejects the bigots and extremists who continue to exploit religion based laws to impose upon the people their own version of religious edicts on the one hand and to stifle dissent on the other, the former President said.

The PPP will continue to oppose and resist the narrow and bigoted narrative of Islamic tenets by some elements to suit their political agenda, he said.

On the sixth anniversary of Shaheed Taseer let us pledge that collectively we will prevent the misuse of the religion based laws.


May the soul of Salman Taseer rest in eternal peace. May the souls of all martyrs who have laid down their lives for noble causes and in fighting bigotry also rest in eternal peace.

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