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PPP Welcomes Imran Khan to contest election against Asif Ali Zardari

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Islamabad January 01, 2017: Pakistan People’s Party welcomes the announcement made by Mr. Imran Khan that the PTI will field candidates against PPPP President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari in Nawabshah and PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in Larkana whetehr in by-elections or general elections.

“The PPP upholds and welcomes the democratic right of Mr. Imran Khan and indeed of anyone, to contest elections against its leaders anywhere and at any time in the country and the Party looks forward to a healthy democratic electoral contest in a not too distant future”, said the Spokesperson Senator Farhatullah Babar in a statement today.

The PPP hopes and urges Mr. Imran Khan to firmly stand by his public pronouncement and not go back on it thereby exposing himself once again to the charge of making U-turns at the drop of the hat, he said.

There is an opportunity for Mr. Imran Khan to prove that he has jettisoned his past of making frequent U-turns and the PPP is more than happy to provide him this opportunity, he said.

The Spokesperson recalled that on the eve of threatened lock down of the capital recently Imran Khan refused to leave his Bani Gala residence for, as he himself later said, fear of being arrested.

The PPP government in Sindh firmly believes in upholding democratic principles and traditions and it is inconceivable that the provincial government will arrest Mr. Khan to stop him from contesting elections against Party leaders.

Mr. Khan can be sure that he will be able to freely contest elections in Sindh without fear or threat of being arrested. This should serve as an added incentive to Mr. Khan not to make a U-turn and contest elections either in person or through his candidates against the PPP leaders, he said.

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