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Pakistan not to be theocratic state, says former President Asif Ali Zardari

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Islamabad December 24, 2016:  “A central thought of the Father of the Nation Mohammed Ali Jinnah in creating Pakistan was that it will be a democratic and progressive state and not a theocratic one in which thoughts and actions of individuals are controlled by a few in the name of ideology”.

This has been stated by former President Asif Ali Zardari in a message on the eve of the 140th birth anniversary of father of nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah on Sunday December 25.

On the eve of Quaid’s anniversary today let us pledge to remain focused on the central principles for which the country was created by its founding fathers, he said.

Constitutionalism, rule of law and equality of all citizens and equal opportunities to all citizens without any prejudice of religion, cast and creed are the guiding principles behind the creation of Pakistan, he said.

There is a need for introspection in the direction the state has taken; whether ideology and religion are being misused to negate the pristine principles of the state and to stifle dissent and free expression.

We need to ask ourselves whether course correction is needed, he said and called for review of administrative and legislative structures that militate against the principle of equality of all citizens, he said.

The nation will slip into the quagmire of instability and if the founding principles were disregarded, he warned.

On this occasion we also reiterate our resolve to fight the enemies within who seek to destroy the state in the name of ideology or religion.

The Pakistan People’s Party reiterates its resolve to defend the founding principles of Pakistan and to fight extremism and militancy to the finish.

On this occasion we also pay homage to all those in the armed forces, the police, the civilian law enforcing agencies and the people who have made huge sacrifices in the fight against extremists and militants, Asif Zardari said.


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