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Nation will weep if interior minister not shown the door

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Islamabad, December 22, 2016: The Supreme Court Inquiry Commission report has brought down the entire structure of internal security policy and the nation will weep if the interior minister did not step down to restore the trust of the people.

This was stated by Senator Farhatullah Babar while taking part in the discussion today in the Senate on Qazi Isa report about Quetta carnage.

The report is a frightening indictment of internal security preparedness. But more frightening is the irresponsible response and stubbornness of minister who has come out as the single greatest impediment in the way of fighting militancy he said.

If the people still hope to win the fight against militancy it is not because of interior minister but inspite of him, Farhatullah Babar said.

Can it be imagined the interior minister telling the Supreme Court that he was not responsible for public meeting of proscribed organizations in Islamabad because the police and not he gave the permission?

Can it be imagined the NACTA chief asserting that he is not responsible if its board of governors did not meet for three years and that the prime minister was responsible?

Can it be imagined that the minister will have the audacity to assert that he met a leader of a proscribed organization only as a team member of a non-proscribed outfit.

By saying this Minister has actually said that proscribed organizations are free to join hands under a new name. Can the people now feel safe?

The Commission wondered why no action was taken on two letters to ban to militant organizations and rightly questioned the pro-militant leanings of the Interior Minister.

The Minister glossing over the proscribed organizations is well known.

The Minister wept when Hakimullah Mehsud was assassinated. He claimed that nothing could be done against Moulana Aziz because there was not a single case against him. He defended JuD citing a non- existing court order.

The Minister says that it was not his responsibility whether the NCTA Board of Governors met or not and it was the responsibility of the Prime Minister. Can there be any greater abdication of responsibility than this?

The report is a stinging indictment of Interior Minister, the country is unsafe under him and he must resign. If he does not resign he must be shown the door otherwise Pakistan will weep, he said.

‘Weep Pakistan, weep” if the minister is not shown the door.

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