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Senator says four of regulatory bodies were decoys for bringing NEPRA under thumb

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Islamabad Dec 21, Senator Farhatullah Babar said that out of the five regulatory bodies notified to be transferred to line ministries four are decoys so that the transfer of NEPRA to the ministry of water and power did not attract undue puic attention and scrutiny.

Taking part in the discussion in the senate he said that government wanted to bring NEPRA under its heels because of the regulatory body’s refusal to allow the unrealistically high tariff demanded by a solar power producer.

The solar producer demanded a tariff of 14 rupees per unit which the regulator refused thereby annoying the powerful solar power producer  and their backers. He said that record showed that the targeting of NEPRA started ever since the solar tariff issue came into the open.

PTA, OGRA, PPRA and Frequency Allocation Board also transferred to line ministries served as decoys for NEPRA, he said.


 He said that the issue be referred to the senate committee on water and power for investigation and to expose the real faces behind it and their motives.


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