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PPP demands resignation of Interior Minister  

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Islamabad December 17, 2016: “The interior minister should have resigned after such stinging indictment by the Supreme Court Inquiry Commission but instead he has chosen to white wash himself through a monologue on the media and rant against the opposition”.

Responding to the press talk Saturday evening by Interior Minister Spokesperson PPP Senator Farhatullah Babar said that any honorable person will be pained and shocked at the audacity of the Interior Minister in regurgitating half-truths and wagging his tongue against the opposition.

Accusing Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto of wrong doing alleging once again that her name also appeared in Panama papers the Interior Minister has only reinforced public perception of his trade mark; ‘arrogance and falsehood at public expense’.

If Shaheed Mohtarma Bhutto is guilty of wrong doing in the panama papers it is all the more reason for the interior minister to immediately get passed from the National Assembly the opposition sponsored Bill passed by the Senate the other day and haul up all those guilty of corruption and wrongdoing, Farhatullah Babar said.

The logic that the Interior Ministry cannot stop the Defence of Pakistan Council from holding public meetings because it is not a proscribed organization is a perversion of truth and making a mockery of fight against militancy.

The Defence of Pakistan Council may not be a proscribed entity in itself. The Minister who publicly shed tears at the assassination of terrorist Hakimullah Mehsud may feel compelled to defend it. But what about the individuals listed in Schedule four and the proscribed entities who have banded together to carry on their activities under the so-called non-proscribed Defence of Pakistan Council, he asked?

This is the logic of a mind that wishes to assert that proscribed organizations and listed individuals are free to carry their activities by grouping themselves under a label that is not proscribed, he said.

This perverted logic has only lent additional strength to the damning indictment by the Inquiry Commission of the utter incompetence and abysmal failure of the Interior Ministry, he said.

The catalog of sweeping failures of the Interior Ministry under Ch Nisr Ali Khan listed by the Inquiry Commission is so sweeping in breadth and depth that leaves no room for the interior minister to remain in the cabinet even for a day.

As the whole edifice of counter terrorism effort has come crumbling under the Interior Minister the Minister the party expects him to voluntarily resign. In case he is unwilling he must be shown the door. There is no other alternative if  the government is serious and is not running with the hare and hunting with the hound in the fight against militancy, he said. “The absence of alternatives must make the mind clear”.


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