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Bilawal House spokesman lashes out at the statement of Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh

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KARACHI, December 12: Bilawal House spokesman has lashed out at the statement of Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh for threatening to divide Pakistan into ten and warned him that India under Modi will disperse into a hundred states due to worst atrocities against Muslims, Kashmiris Dalits, Christians, Adivasis, tribals and other communities. 

“Instead of thinking evil for Pakistan and our people, Rajnath Singh and his Alibaba and 40 thieves should stand accountable to entire humanity and the international community for ruthlessly practicing world’s oldest apartheid and holding hostages the Dalits, Muslims, Christians, Adivasis, and tribals,” said Surendar Valasai spokesman of Bilawal House in a statement today.

The spokesman said that there was complete unity and integrity among all Pakistanis and no enemy should cast a jaundice eye against our country and the PPP, its leadership, workers, our soldiers and entire civil society would guard our sovereignty with iron strength.

He said that some Indian politicians were trying to befool their own people and frightening them from Pakistan but history will prove that people of both the countries want peace and harmony.

Spokesman said that PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has started leading Pakistan from the front, and with the support of entire nation, he would defeat all the enemies of the country in or out of the country.

Surendar Valasai said that Indian government should allow right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir to settle the issue instead blowing threatening bubbles for a permanent peace in the region.


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