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PPP condemns Indian violation of ceasefire

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sr-picture-002Islamabad, November 14, 2016: Vice President PPPP, Senator Sherry Rehman has strongly condemned the recent cross-border firing that killed seven Pakistan Army soldiers.

The Senator expressed her sympathy for the families of the soldiers killed in the recent cross-border firing. “PPP and the entire nation stand by our Army and pay tribute to the martyred soldiers,” she said.

Rehman, who has called for an amplified diplomatic offensive against India said, “Through such actions, India aims to divert attention from its state violence in Kashmir at the cost of provoking bilateral hostilities and regional volatility”.

The Senator has also voiced her concern for the innocent civilians whose security and livelihoods have been disrupted by the ongoing exchange of fire.

“Targeting civilian populations is a dangerous development that cannot be accepted as our new normal. The government needs to take a more focused position at home and accept the PPP Chairman’s demand to appoint a full time Foreign Minister,” exclaimed the Senator.

According to reports, this year alone, India has violated the ceasefire agreement 178 times and has claimed the lives of over 20 people and injured around a hundred.

The Senator has repeatedly said that there is no military solution for the conflict between India and Pakistan and called for a firm political response from the government.

Expressing regret over the Indian government’s growing reliance on violence and aggression to the escalating indigenous uprising in Kashmir, Rehman said, “The government in Pakistan too, should know, that we all stand united in defending Pakistan but the government must build on institutional frameworks to leverage unity and strength. I cannot emphasize enough the necessity of reconstituting the National Security Committee of Parliament,” she said.


“There is a strong need to move beyond traditional diplomacy and use all elements of national power in this enterprise,” concluded the Senator.


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