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Bilawal Bhutto strongly condemns terrorist bomb blast at Shah Noorani mausoleum

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KARACHI, Nov 12: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has strongly condemned the terrorist bomb blast at Shah Noorani mausoleum near Hub in Balochistan resulting in martyrdom of innocent pilgrims.

“From schools to hospitals and mosques to Dargahs, terrorists are hitting at every innocent target and killing the people like hunters do to birds. Shah Noorani terrorist bomb blast shows that nation needs unity to fight the cancer of terrorism without any delinquency on any one’s part,” PPP Chairman stated in a statement.

He expressed deep shock at the losses of innocent lives and sympathized with those who lost their near and dear ones. “This high time that all our energies should be directed towards the implementation of Nation Action Plant with full force instead of immature approaches being adopted by some government functionaries who talk against terrorism less and target opposition leaders more,” he added.


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