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Karachi. 7.11.2016: Pakistan People’s Party along with other parties of opposition would bring the proposed accountability Bill into discussion today in the Senate of Pakistan. The united opposition would following the session of the Senate Committee of accountability Bill would stage protest outside the Senate. PPP wants elimination of double standard of justice from the country. It was irony that PPP former Chairman and present Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari was jailed for ten years for no crime but the incumbent Prime Minister is not even willing to face initial inquiry on the allegations of corruption. Even the top PPP leadership is willing to present it for the accountability under the proposed accountability Bill being prepared by parties of opposition unanimously.

PPP Parliamentary Leader in Senate Senator Taj Haider said this while addressing a news conference at PPP Media Cell Sindh.

The country is heading towards the anarchy owing to undemocratic steps by the federal government. The entire nation is demanding for accountability on charges of corruption against the PM and hence PPP had suggested to the PM to relinquish his office as PM for transparent probe.

He said what the apex court is doing today was the prerogative of the Parliament. It is inevitable to get the Bill passed from the national assembly so that it should be made into law against corruption. PPP has always been advocated the supremacy of the parliament on all issues whether it is an issue of terrorism or corruption.

Senator Haider said the poverty is not an economy-based issue but it is a political one. The demand from the PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari wherein he laid four just points should immediately be approved by the federal government so that the country should come out of crises.

Speaking on the occasion, the political secretary of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Jamil Soomro said that the senators of the parties of opposition parties would give a sit-in in the Senate after meeting of the Senate Committee.


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