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PPP hails SC for seeking PM’s explanation on Panamagate Scandal

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Karachi. 2.11.2016: Pakistan People’s Party MPAs Sajid Jokhio, Javid Nagori and Shaheena Shair Ali have hailed the Supreme Court for taking notice of ongoing agitation in Pakistan over the issue of alleged unlawful investment in off-shore companies in which Prime Minister’s family is accused of investing hefty money and Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf was on streets demanding PM either to quit or place him for accountability.
The SC has played a vital role in this overall situation and has sought explanation from the PM on which the PTI Chairman Imran Khan has announced to cancel the call for sit-in in Islamabad and has also announced to hold a thanksgiving assembly of PTI workers at Parade Ground in Islamabad in light of court’s directives. Thus the Capital of the country has escaped lockdown situation as was announced by the PTI Chairman Imran Khan.
In a statement issued from PPP Media Cell Sindh, they said that SC’s role for seeking explanation from the PM is the symbol of supremacy of the law and hence all the stakeholders should now wait until the apex court announces its final judgment.
They also lauded the PTI Chairman Imran Khan for cancelling the power show for locking down the country’s Capital and for holding a thanksgiving assembly instead at the Parade Ground.
They also advised the Ministers in PM’s Cabinet and PTI leaders to avoid provoking statements and blame game as it could tarnish the role of the apex court.
They said that PPP has always opposed the use of force against peaceful protestors and advocated that the peaceful was the basic right in democracy under the constitution.

They said that PPP has also equally opposed any attempt for sacking the democratic system by any force because democracy should be allowed to grow stronger so that the institutions may also get mature in executing their prime obligations for the elimination of corruption and injustices from the country.

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