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Asif Zardari condemns attack on police training center in Quetta

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Islamabad October 25, 2016: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has condemned as “most barbaric and despicable” the attack on the police cadets inside the Police Training Centre in Quetta on Monday.

Such attacks cannot and will not weaken the resolve of the nation to rid itself of militants and sectarian monsters, the former President said in a message today. Zardari called for probe into the attack so as to expose and punish in accordance with the law of the land the planners, the perpetrators, financiers and sympathizers of the latest attack.

This heinous attack and the killing and maiming of scores of innocent people has brought into fore the need for implementing the National Action Plan (NAP) in letter and spirit, the former President said.

We cannot permit militants and extremists to spawn violence in the name of religion inside or outside the national boundaries, the former President said and called for across the board action against the militants in accordance with the declaration made in the National Action Plan.

Asif Ali Zardari also prayed for those martyred in the attack and early recovery of those injured.


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