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PPP MPAs condemn Fed Govt, NEPRA, KE for increase in electricity tariff

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Karachi. 21.10.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MPAs in Sindh Sajid Jokhio, Jawaid Nagori and Shahina Sher Ali said the increase in electricity tariff at the rate of Rs.0.38 per unit of electricity only for the electricity consumers in Karachi is a sheer manifest of injustice and is the symbol of authoritarian rule of the federal government in the disguise of elected democratic government, which has done nothing for the people.
In a statement issued from PPP Media Cell Sindh, they said the NEPRA and K-Electric are both federally controlled department and commercial entity respectively, which do not allow passage of cut in electricity tariff to the consumers of electricity in Karachi but impose their tyrannical decisions saying the consumers in Karachi do not qualify for the relief. However, they, at the other hand, impose increase in electricity tariff only for consumers in Karachi while avoiding to equally levy the load across Pakistan.
They said the NEPRA and K-Electric are two money minting machines for the federal government for meeting expenses of the mega development projects in Punjab.
They said they have been warning the federal government of injustices done to the people of Karachi in particular and in Sindh in general but neither federal government nor any other national institution ever listened to out grievances. the situation has created a very hostile scenes in Sindh and especially in Karachi as the people are sick of federal government over its anti-Sindh and anti-Karachi policies. The situation should now be addressed before it is too late.
They demanded the Supreme Court to take suo motto notice on K-Electric’s corruption and NEPRA’s discriminatory role.

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