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Increase in Gas Tariff: Fed Govt is implementing foreign agenda of weakening Pakistan from inside: PPP Senators

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Karachi. 10.10.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leaders Senator Doctor Kareem Khuwaja, Senator Engr Gianchand and Senator Ajiz Dhamra while protesting over unprecedented hike in gas tariff condemned the federal government for insulting the masses, who are already under heavy duress of direct and indirect taxes without having any better and modern civic facilities in return.
While referring to news published in national dailies, they said that the OGRA has punished the poor masses by imposing a “Must Recover” 341 billion from the masses of which 9 billion are to complete the development schemes under elected representative quota, which is a sheer sign of cruelty and worst form of authoritarian rule that never existed before.
They asked the government to immediately withdraw this unjust increase in gas tariff or else no political party would be able to keep the masses away from agitation and street protest.
They said that federal government has borrowed above 80 billion from the IMF and World Bank and the money is only spent on projects in Punjab while the people across the country have been punished for returning the foreign loan for which the government lacks any workable plan such as to take steps for boosting up country’s export, lessening the import bill and promoting local industry.
They said that country is engulfed in crises from all four sides and amid this horrible situation, the increase in gas tariff would create a state of uncertainty, unrest and agitation but perhaps the government is in haste to implement the foreign agenda of weakening Pakistan from inside.

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