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Sindh Govt striving at improving working environment in industrial sector: Labour adviser Senator Saeed Ghani

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Karachi. 30.9.2016: Sindh government is taking drastic measure on improvements in labour laws so as to ensure both the sides of industry, the industrialists and the workers attain a comfortable working environment. With this, the overall situation would get better. The healthcare facilities for the working class of the people are inevitable because healthy workforce is in the utmost benefit of the industry in particular and for the country in general.

Sindh Chief Minister’s adviser on labour and human resources Senator Saeed Ghani expressed these views while addressing a seminar organised by Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on the topic of social security, Friday. A large number of businessmen, representatives and leading industrialists especially Khalid Tawwab, Abdul Haseeb Khan, Mian Zahid Saeed, Zubair Tufail attended.

Senator Ghani said that since he is also a trade unionist and hence is well aware of the problems of the industrialist and the workers and wanted to add his input for the industrial revamping because the healthy industrial units are the backbone of country’s progressing economy.

He said that Sindh government has raised the level of minimum wages and has also taken drastic steps for workers’ safety, health and insurance cover and these steps would inevitably support the industry and the industrialists.

He said that Sindh government has its plan to draw the stakeholders in a same circle so as to carve out measures for the resolution of issues that pertain to industry, industrialist and the labourers.

Senator Ghani asked the businessmen community is lacking their representative in Sindh Labour Department and hence they should name one from them to fill the gap.



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