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Khursheed Shah asks PM to convene joint Parliament session or AP on threats from India

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Pakistan does not want war with India but would aggressively retaliate if war waged: Qamar Zaman Kaira

Karachi. 29.9.2016: It is the obligation of the incumbent federal government to either convene a joint session of the Parliament or summon an APC over the threats to Pakistan. Federal government has to respond in three days or else Pakistan People’s Party would do it for the sake of the state and then would announce its strategy. The joint session of the Parliament or the APC is meant to debate over the pros and cons of the threats from the India government especially the war hysteria of the India Prime Minister Nareendra Modi.

He was addressing an exigent joint press conference with PPP senior leader Qamar Zaman Kaira at PPP Media cell Sindh Thursday evening. He was flanked by Chief Minister’s adviser on labour Senator Saeed Ghani, Jameel Soomro, Ghulam Qadir, Fida Hussain Dhakkan and Lateef Mughal.

Shah said that PPP has always played a vibrant role in Pakistan whether it comes to the protection of democratic system in the country or threats and aggression against Pakistan. PPP had earlier played its role for saving the democracy and is now striving for the security of the state of Pakistan, which is superior to anything.

He said PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had called the party leaders, Qamar Zama kairq and him at Bilawal House to discus about the situation that has emerged after LOC violations by India and war hysteria of Indian PM Modi.

In light of the meeting, PPP feels that the incumbent federal government has to fulfill its obligations for taking the all stakeholders and the entire nation into confidence and should either convene a joint session of Parliament or summon an APC.

Speaking on the occasion, Qamar Zaman Kaira said that PPP, being key party in opposition, is fulfilling its responsibilities for keeping the nation united against the Indian aggressive designs. Modi has created a wave of war after which peace and stability of the entire region is at stake.

He said that though Pakistan does not want war but Modi should realise that his attempts for blocking flow of rivers to Pakistan would be tantamount to war and should stay prepared for the consequences.

He said PPP has variety of reservations on Prime Minister’s stances he took during his address to the UN General Assembly such as not mentioning the India Spy Kalbhoshan Yadev and India’s interference in Balouchistan, but since Pakistan is at present facing serious challenges, PPP has for the time being set all the reservations aside and has decided to stay united with the incumbent federal government.


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