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Sindh govt’s foremost agenda is to bring labours, industrialists together: Senator Saeed Ghani

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Karachi : 29-09-2016 –  Chief Minister Sindh’s adviser for labor and human resources accompanied by his departmental directors and secretary labor and human resources, Abdul Rashid Solangi, on invitation of SITE superhighway association of industries, paid visit to their head office. Representatives and office bearers of SITE super highway association were already present at their head office and paid a warm welcome to Senator Saeed Ghani on his first visit to SITE superhighway association of industry’s central office, after taking charge of labor ministry.

The meeting between Chief minister’s adviser and representatives of SITE Superhighway started with a welcome speech by President of the association, in his opening remarks he stated, that their industry has been facing acute shortage of gas & continuous  gas load shedding, which results in decline in their revenue, and this is not just a decline in their revenue but also it effects livelihood of the working class and the laborers associated with their factories and production, the representatives of SITE superhighway industry  submitted to the chief minister’s adviser to look into this matter and request the federal government to halt this ongoing gas load shedding in Sindh.

On this occasion addressing the audience and the representatives of the industry, Senator Saeed Ghani said that his government and party’s foremost agenda is to bring working class and industrialists together,  for which together we have to take initiatives. the federal government has been violating the constitution by not providing due share of gas to Sindh, he added. Senator Saeed Ghani further said there is dire need for development across the country and all provinces should be given their due rights, summarizing the agenda of development for one province, would be damaging.

We want to make tripartite commissions to solve the issues and disputes of laborers and the industrialists so that the disputes are settled at the lowest level and without going into courts, Senator Saeed Ghani stated, he also told the industrialists that he wants industrialists to join him in monitoring hospitals being run by  labor department so together we can keep any eye, if something goes wrong.  He further added that economy of the country takes the road of progress only if the working class and the local industrialists, both are living a prosperous life. At the end of the meeting a souvenir was presented to the chief minister’s adviser for Labor and human resources.



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