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Fed Govt has burdened mobile phone users with extra-high taxes: PPP

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“Mobile Phone Companies purloining mobile phone users by deducting Rs.0.15 on each call in addition to fixed call rates– PTA has to take action”

Karachi. 27.9.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senators Doctor Karim Khawaja , Engr GianChand and Aajiz Dhamra have declared the tyrannically heavy taxes on mobile phone users as entirely inhuman, saying that mobile phone is now a necessity, not luxury and hence is need of every citizen. Almost 80 percent of mobile phone users in Pakistan are from low-income ranks and henceforth, they should be provided due relief.

In a statement issued from PPP Media cell Sindh, they said that government deducts upto 30 percent on every fresh recharge while the mobile phone service providers (Mobile Phone Networks) covertly deduct Rs.0.15 on each call in addition to fixed call rates, which is nothing but purloining.

They said that despite government earns billions from mobile phone users in form of taxes, the users are not included in tax net and hence it is unclear as which account this portion of revenue goes to.

They demanded the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to take action against mobile phone companies for covertly deducting Rs.0.15 on each call in addition to deduction of charges as per fixed call rate. PTA should also take measures for return of such money to the users.

They also demanded the government to provide relief to the mobile phone users and tax should only be levied on purchase of expensive mobile phones.

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