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Federal government violating constitution by halting Sindh’s share of Gas says Senator Saeed Ghani

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Karachi, 25 September 2016: Continuous load-shedding & unfair distribution of gas in Sindh has been an open violation of the Constitution of Pakistan because Article 158 clearly states that the province must make full use of its natural resources to meet the needs of its people and then these resources can be moved towards center or to any other province. This was said by Chief Minister’s Advisor for labor & human resources, Senator Saeed Ghani while he was talking to the industrialists of Karachi here at Karachi chamber of commerce and industry on Saturday. He added that the Sindh government and the PPP will take up the matter on all fora including parliament, he said Sindh produces 69% of the total gas, produced in Pakistan but in return Sindh faces shortages & load-shedding of gas, which largely effects industrial growth of Sindh.

Chief Minister’s advisor said that the government of Sindh has time and again, asked the federal government to stop unfair distribution of natural resources and we will strongly protest if the federal government keeps continuous unfair distribution of gas. He further added that the needs of the Sindh is around 45% and as per the constitution, it has to be given its share but continuous ignorance by federal government, is creating chaos for the industrialists and the working class of Sindh.

Senator Saeed Ghani also pledged his complete support to the industrialists of Sindh, but also placed a great emphasize on labor rights & the constitutional rights granted to the laborers, including right to form union. He said industrialists also need to check their side and after that their genuine demands will be fulfilled, he further added that without the growth of industry the improvement in the conditions of the labor class is not possible, we want to strengthen our industrialists but we also want the industrialists to strengthen their laborers and the working class so together we could move forward to take Pakistan towards the road of progress.


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