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Asif Zardari calls for tolerance to promote peace

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Islamabad September 20, 2016: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has called for greater tolerance and acceptance of plurality and diversity as critical for promoting peace and harmony worldwide.


In a message on the eve of international peace day on Wednesday September 21 the former President called for peace among people both within and across national boundaries and across the ethnic and religious divides.


Peace is indivisible; no county can live in an island of peace if countries around-indeed the world at large, is in turmoil and has no peace, he said.


International Peace Day is an occasion to rededicate ourselves to the ideal of peace and harmony and also to take concrete steps to banish wars and live together in peace, he said.


It is also an occasion to increase awareness among people on issues of peace by holding discussions and seminars.


Achieving the ideals of peace is a collective responsibility of all–of individuals, of communities and of governments across the world and across all divides. Let us all seek to build genuine harmony and peace, he said.



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