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Families lost loved ones in Baldia factory, and we the PPP workers, all are heirs of martyrs & share each others pain says Senator Saeed Ghani

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The fourth martyrdom anniversary of Baldia town tragedy was observed outside the building where 260 innocents lost their lives in fire incident, speaking to the audience chief minister Sindh’s adviser for labor and human resources, Senator Saeed Ghani has said that we will take all the possible measures to address the grievances of those who lost their loved ones in the tragic fire incident which took place four years ago & resulted in lost of 260 precious lives, he added that we the workers of PPP and our leadership share your pain, because we all are heirs of martyrs and who else can feel your pain other than the workers and the leadership of PPP.

Chief Minister’s adviser further said that the trade unions and their leaders must be aligned and united in order to solve, all the problems of workers, one alone can not solve all the issues and problems, he added that the workers sitting here and the families of those died in Baldia Town factory, we all share your pain but to solve these all the hurdles and problems face by the working class of Pakistan and the laborers , we have to work in unity, united together we can address these issues, being faced by working class of Pakistan. Surely you all want improvement in the lives of working class and this is also the agenda of my party’s chairman, who installed me as advisor to Chief Minister for labor and empowered me so I could work to bring some positive changes in your lives and I have been trying my utmost to bring some positive changes in the labor department of government of Sindh.

Talking about trade union activities, Provincial adviser for labor and human resources, Senator Saeed Ghani said that the constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan clearly says, every citizen shall have the right to form association or union, thus union is the constitutional right and we will not tolerate any illegal hurdle for trade unions. Chief minister’s adviser also said that if any officer is found involve in any illegal move against the workers, he is not going to be tolerated in ministry of labor.

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