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Senator questions state narrative on militancy

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Islamabad September 7, 2016: Taking part in the discussion on the recent terror attacks in Quetta, Mardan and Peshawar Senator Farhatullah Babar questioned the policy of skirting the real issues and shifting the focus to the so called nexus between corruption and militancy.

While it is important to expose and punish the nexus between corruption and militancy, it is far more important, indeed crucial, to break the nexus between some militant outfits and the state agencies, he said.

The nexus between militants and the state is no longer a secret. It has been exposed repeatedly, most recently by the revelation that Mullah Mansoor Akhtar not only lived in Pakistan under cover but also possessed Pakistan’s national identity card and passport, he said.

How can one deny the existence of this unholy nexus when banned militant outfits hold rallies in the federal capital and collect donations for dubious causes and the state agencies looks the other way, he asked.

Let us call a spade a spade and demand an end to this nexus, he said.

The Senator said that another new element in the state new narrative is border management. No one, anywhere will oppose border management but how it is presented now is the issue. During President Ashraf Ghani’s 2014 visit to Pakistan it was agreed to have a dozen crossing points for trade and that Taliban will be persuaded to join negotiations and those refusing to do so will be isolated. For all practical purposes it was border management but it failed because the Taliabn refused to come to negotiating table and the cross border movement of militants continued.

He said that as people were not fully aware of the nature of the border the state flaunted border management too often and too vehemently. There are more than 250 crossing points along Pak-Afghan border and terrorists will not be stopped by merely closing four or five crossing pints at Torkham, Angur Adda and Speen Boldak and other recognized points through which trade and commerce flows. The militants and suicide bombers will enter through the other 250 crossing points, he said.

He said it appeared that the border management was another name for continuing the policy of strategic depth and subjugating Afghanistan and warned against its serious repercussions.


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