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Terrorists are on the run; nation united with Pak Army to protect Pakistan: PPP MPAs

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Karachi. 3.9.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MPAs Khairunisa Mughal and Shaina Sher Ali have condemned the terrorists for targeting innocent Christian in Peshawar and challenged them to show their courage by open fight with Pakistan’s armed forces and see how their graves are dug then.


In a statement issued by PPP Media Cell, Sindh, they said that the fact is that the Pak Army has eliminated the network of terrorists in Pakistan through Zarb-e Azb and there are some scattered factions of terrorists in Pakistan that are making their all efforts to prove they do exists but they don’t.


They said the entire nation is united against the terrorists and its time now that their sleeper cells should be fully eliminated anywhere in Pakistan especially Punjab and then the war against terrorism would be over.


They said that Police have also showed high performance of which Mardan incident was one such splendid manifest of courage where just one cop had challenged the suicide bomber and he laid his life for the country.


They said that the entire nation is with Pak Army and we are capable of defeating all enemies whether operating from inside Pakistan or outside.


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