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CM approves Rs10bn for installation of 10000 CCTV cameras in city

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KARACHI (August 25): Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that he has approved a Rs10 billion project to install 10000 surveillance cameras in the city. This is the way to keep an eye on the city.

This he said that while addressing  a gathering on breakfast organised by a media house at a local hotel this morning.

He said that he has approved a Rs10 billion plan under which 10000 close circuit cameras would be installed in the city within three years. He added that apart from it the cameras already installed in different parts of the city would also be made functional.

Syed Murad Ali Shah said that the police keeping in view the track record of the criminal activities have identified over 2000 spots/ areas these 10000 cameras would be installed. These  cameras would be connected with the command and control centre. “The activities would not only be monitored in the command & control center but necessary directives would be issued from there,” he said.

The chief minister replying to another question said that there was lack of planning in making development schemes and projects. “But, we are trying to enhance the capacity of our planners but the civil society has also to come over to guide and assistant the government,” he said.

Replying to another question, he said that he had taken disciplinary actions against some  senior officers under the allegations of lethargy and inefficiency but just to keep the morale of the other officers high “we are not publicizing the actions,” he said added the he had initiated the  accountability process of the government officers. “I have  my own strategy that is to bring everyone [officer] to work but in time, this would help to solve most of the problems which develop due non availability of government officers/officials in their office.

Talking about police order 2001, the chief minister said that it had lot of flaws and it had turned Sindh into police state that’s why it was replaced with old law. “Yes, I agree with you [audience] that police reforms were badly need for public security, protection and top of it we need public-friendly police,” he said.


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