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MQM rigged Mayoral polls with support of establishment: Senator Taj Haider

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Karachi. 24.8.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) central leader Senator Taj Haider has said that MQM has long standing working relationship with the establishment and it always enjoyed full support for blocking the smooth course of democratic process and forces in Pakistan to day and would keep enjoying in future.
In a statement issued from PPP Media Cell, Sindh, Senator Haider said that the paramilitary Rangers were absent on the crucial occasion of elections for the Mayor, deputy Mayor, Chairmen and Vice Chairmen in Karachi and MQM had full control over the process of polling for which devoted City wardens were given the charge. Leader of opposition in Sindh Assembly Khawaja Izhar Ul Hassan, MQM Deputy Convener Dr Farooq Sattar, members of MQM Rabita Committee and other irrelevant persons were present inside the polling stations. This was the open violation to the code of conduct of the election commission of Pakistan.
He said that the Returning Officer was also not in the polling station and the devoted workers of MQM had controlled the entire process of polling. It is now candid clear that MQM had full support from the establishment and was given full and free hand.
Senator Haider said that the ballot papers in District West were already specially marked and carried codes and hence those ballots should be revoked but were counted.
He said that elections for local government representatives were fully rigged under the patronage of the establishment on which notice should be taken and necessary investigations should be conducted.

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