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PPP condemns Federal Government, rejects imposition of 200bln surcharge on electricity consumers

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Karachi. 20.8.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MNAs Imran Zafar Laghari, Shahjahan Baloch and Shahida Rehmani have while condemning the federal government rejected the a surcharge on consumers of electricity to the tune of Rs.200 billion, which the federal government has imposed to meet the expenses on laying new distribution lines.

In a statement issued from PPP Media Cell, Sindh, they said that the PMLN has been ruling the country like a Monarch with a train of ‘Yes Sir type of minister in federal cabinet.’ they are the elite and do not consider the poor as human.

They said that it is the responsibility of the federal government to invest in distribution system because the federal government collects huge taxes from the consumers while the power distribution companies also earn huge profit. In addition, there are certain private distribution companies in Pakistan such as Karachi Electric that is involved in minting billions from the helpless consumers through bogus and highly inflated monthly electricity bills. The federal government does not have any legal or moral right to imposes 200 billion on electricity consumers.

They said that PPP is highly concerned over such tyranny of the PMLN’s federal government, which has already failed to create opportunities for employment and in fulfilling promises it made to the masses for overcoming energy crisis.

They said that PPP won’t accept such 200 billion thrust on the masses and would use all available fora to stop the federal government from imposing this huge surcharge on the poor masses.


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