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Lawyers have defeated terrorism, says Senator Saeed Ghani

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jhjhjhKarachi. 11.8.2016: Sindh Chief Minister’s adviser for Labour Senator Saeed Ghani has said that the lawyers of the country had played a very vibrant role in the creation of Pakistan, Restoration of democracy in the country and freedom of the judiciary. Now, when the country’s sovereignty is on target by the terrorists, the lawyers had once again proved loyal and gave tremendous sacrifices when terrorist targeted them in Quetta.
The lawyers of the country have drawn a bold line between the peaceful Pakistan and the terrorism with their blood and that their sacrifices would always be remembered.
He was addressing the participants of a grand candle vigil at the Two Sword monument in Clifton, Karachi yesterday. The candle Vigil was organised by Team PPP in memory of the lawyers martyred in Quetta carnage a few days ago.
on the occasion , Nisar Ahmed Khurho, Mukesh Kumar Chawala, Fayyaz Butt, Zulfqiar Kaim Khani, Sardar Nazakat, Aunthony Naveed, Nadir Hussain Khuwaja, Nadia Gabol and Team PPP members Shoaib Mirza, Majid Agha, Javaid Nayab Laghari, Maleeha Manzoor, Waqas Shoukat  and a large number of PPP workers woman , students and peoples form different walks of life were present.
It looked as if the forces of evils had a plan to sabotage the lawyers’ and civil society’s struggle for the democracy, maintenance of peace and prevalence of harmony and tranquility, human rights, he said, adding that however, the fact is that the terrorist had utterly failed in meeting their vested designs. The lawyers’ sacrifices were a candid clear message to the terrorists that the terrorist would never succeed in achieving their evil designs.
Senator Ghani said that none other than PPP could feel the value of martyrdom as all from ordinary Jiala to Supreme leadership of the party had offered tremendous sacrifices for the country, democracy and peoples’ rights.
He said that the candle vigil was in fact a testimony that each PPP Jiala would never hesitate in offering any sacrifice for the country and the democracy and for this reason, they would be ahead of all.

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