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Senator Taj Haider hails quadrilateral Counter Terrorism Alliance among Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and China

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Karachi. 4.8.2016: Pakistan People’s Party’s Senator Taj Haider has called the quadrilateral Counter Terrorism Alliance among Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and China, a very important step forward that would immensely contribute to peace, security and stability in the entire region.
In a press statement issued today Senator Taj Haider said that a similar alliance of Central Asian states and China concluded almost 2 decades ago under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization had proved its absolute success in eliminating terrorism, extremism and secessionism from Central Asia. This Eastern and region based paradigm stood in sharp contrast with the one implemented by the United States and its NATO allies that had played havoc with peace and stability and had economically and physically destroyed our region. Certainly it were none other than the countries so affected that could develop a workable roadmap for peace and stability in our region.
He said that in this newly concluded alliance between our 4 countries it was very important to focus on combating extremism of all shades, since extremism was the ideology on which terrorism thrived.
He said that the Alliance in Central Asia has a very strong economic component. Resources are being shared. Countries with abundant natural resources like natural gas are exporting these resources to other countries that are in need of these resources.
The incomes from export of these resources are helping the exporting countries to invest in building their infrastructure, he added.
He said that there is large scale industrialization and transfer of technology in the Region. Border trade has increased exponentially and new border towns have emerged as large trade centers. Greater people to people contact and interaction in trade is resulting in stronger bonds of friendship and overall harmony.
It was Economic stability that laid the foundation of political stability, Senator Haider said. People of Pakistan can certainly look forward to an era of peace and prosperity resulting from the new alliance.

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