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PPP slams PMLN for running torture cells in Punjab; demands HR NGOs, lawyers bodies to raise voice

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Karachi. 29.7.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Doctor Kareem Khuwaja and MNA Doctor Shahida Rehmani have strongly condemned torturing the innocent citizens in private jails and torture cells owned and run by the elite and officers of the ruling PMLN in Punjab. The exposure of the torture cells in Punjab owned by the PMLN leaders is the attestation of allegation leveled against the PMLN in past that the party used to punish the peasants, growers and work4ers of their factories by throwing them in furnace.

In a statement issued from PPP Media Cell, no opportunity would be missed to malign and punish Sindh if those torture cells were found in Sindh but sadly the situation is being considered as normal and the every effort is being made to tranquilise the people over this horrible issue that has been allowed to flourish in Punjab under the aegis of the rulers of the feudal elite of PMLN.

They appealed to the rights NGOs, civil society and lawyers associations to raise their voices against this torture cell culture and HR violations in Punjab and play their vibrant role for dragging the culprits into the justice box.


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