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Increase in drug prices: PM’s notice a sheer befooling tactic: PPP MPAs

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Karachi. 27.7.2016: Pakistan people’s Party (PPP) MPAs Khairun Nisa Mughal, Shamim Mumtaz and Shahina Sher Ali while expressing their grave concern on sudden increase in medicines especially life-saving drugs said that a handful of influential in federal and Punjab provincial governments are patronising the pharmaceutical cartel. The worst of all is that the PMLN is circulating press releases on behalf of Prime Minister for taking notice of increase in drug prices, which does not correlate to the ground reality and is simply a befooling tactic.

In a statement issued by PPP Media Cell, Sindh, the MPAs said that in every civilized country, the prices of life saving drugs are maintained at the highest of government levels but sadly in Pakistan, the influential in governments are the real patrons of pharmaceutical cartel, which needs strongest condemnation as only the ailing people are the target of them.

They said that Punjab is that province of Pakistan where number of pharmaceutical firms are in great numbers, at least 257 and the government of Punjab is facilitating these pharmaceutical firms and has set them free to impose any new and high price of a drug.

They also condemned the federal ministry of health saying that the role of the said ministry with regard to control over the monopoly of the pharmaceutical firms and mechanism for controlling drug prices has failed and remained totally negative and disappointed.


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