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PPP slams Rana Sanaullah for his unnecessary criticism on Sindh Government

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Karachi. 23.7.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MPAs Khairun Nisa Mughal, Shamim Mumtaz and Shaheena Sher Ali have while condemning Punjab provincial minister Rana Sanaullah for his unnecessary criticism on Sindh government said Sindh government has been determined on eradicating all sorts of pollution, the litter and the menace of extremism. However, Sanaullah should look around as the federal government of his party, PMLN has usurped due share of the smaller provinces especially of Sindh from NF Award, Gas Royalty and other similar financial sides due to which Sindh has been facing huge financial burden but still is executing its obligation for the eradication of the pollution.

In a statement issued by the PPP Media Cell Sindh on Saturday, they said that the fact is that Sanaullah is the promoter of all sorts of litter and is a highly controversial figure in the garb of politicians while his affiliation, sympathy and support for the extremist gangs is no secret.

They said that every single person in Sindh is aware of the designs of the PMLN of depriving smaller provinces of their due financial shares as the federal government has used resources of Sindh in the development of Punjab.

They reminded Sanaullah of variety of evils that has obsessed him and his leaders such as corruption as exposed through Panama Papers, patronizing of extremist gangs in Punjab exporting to Sindh and other provinces and damaging the national prestige internally and on the forefront of relations with other countries.

They said Sanaullah has been specially assigned to create a fuss occasionally so as to hide the corruption of his leaders.


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