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Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s letter to UN Secretary 

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To the Honourable

Mr. Ban Ki Moon

Secretary General

United Nations,

New York



Dear Mr. Secretary General,


ON behalf of the Pakistan People’s Party and the people of Pakistan I wish to draw your attention to the increasing tempo and scale of human rights violations in Kashmir, particularly since July 8 when the Indian security forces used disproportionate force to indiscriminately kill political activists.


During the past few days over 50 people have been killed and thousands injured, whose only fault has been to demand their right to self-determination guaranteed to them by the United Nations over six decades ago. The graphic media reports speak loudly of the atrocities in Kashmir at the hands of Indian security forces.


Excellency, I am sure you agree that Kashmir is a dangerous flashpoint in the South Asia region. Regardless of which government is in power the people of Pakistan are committed to provide moral, political and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir in their just struggle for their inalienable right of sel determination. The over seven hundred thousand Indian troops stationed in Kashmir for the past decades have not been able to suppress the yearning of the Kashmiri people to achieve what has long been promised to them by the international community, including through an important instrument of UN Resolution. Furthermore, I worry that any conflagration or ramping up of tension also runs the risk of threatening regional peace and stability.


Pakistan has been in the forefront of seeking non-military solutions to this vexed conflict and seeks your good offices in taking note of the egregious violations of the Kashmiri people’s right to self-determination.


I therefore, urge you to please take notice of the state-sponsored violence in Kashmir and prevail upon the Indian authorities to immediately cease all such actions that violate the human rights, dignities and fundamental entitlements of the Kashmiri people.


This is important, Excellency, because the United Nations is not only the guarantor of fundamental human rights of peoples anywhere in the world, but is also responsible for taking pro-active measures to ensure peace in regions prone to conflict such as the South Asian region.


Assuring you, Mr. Secretary General, of my highest consideration.







Bilawal Bhuto Zardari


Pakistan People’s Party




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