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Condemnation of Indian atrocities by Nawaz government is an afterthought: Saeed Ghani

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Islamabad, 13 July 2016: Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Saeed Ghani said that Nawaz government was totally silent over Indian atrocities in Indian held Kashmir and only woke up after PPP leadership condemned Indian act.

Senator Saeed Ghani said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was afraid that his friend Indian Prime Minister Modi might get upset if he condemns killing of innocent Kashmiris. It was PPP leadership which raised its voice for the Kashmiri people and then Nawaz Sharif had to issue statement. His cabinet ministers were also quiet fearing Nawaz Sharif anger due to his close relations with Indian Prime Minister. Senator Ghani said that whenever PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari issues statement against Indian Prime Minister Nawaz government is also bothered with the Indian government.

Senator Saeed Ghani said that Sindh government’s performance is far better than other provincial governments and Sindh Chief Minister is tirelessly working for people of Sindh. Educational institutions and hospitals are being established in Sindh. He said that only biased people are ignorant of development in Sindh.

He said that Punjab is engulfed in mega corruption in mega projects like metro and orange line projects. Even farmers have been forced to come out on the streets in Lahore against Punjab government, he concluded. 


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